Which Is Better, Binary Options Robot or Fintech

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FinTech Robot Review 2020

Read our FinTech review and find out the most important facts about this binary options robot.

Ever since the rise of binary options trading began, it was followed by the emergence of automated trading software. Trading binary options are demanding and it takes some effort to follow the market, analyze it and then to finally make a good decision. So, traders always look for an easier path, where a trading software or some market expert can make a decision instead of them.

And this is what automated trading software is for. Even though there is a lot scam that infiltrated the supply of binary options trading services, there are still some websites worth joining. Here we bring you a Fintech review on one of those robots that are worth trading with.

What Is FinTech Binary Trading Software?

FinTech is a binary automated trading software that trades automatically on user behalf after they register. Fintech review showed that trading with this software is based on advanced programming algorithm that is gathering information on global markets without stopping, 0-24, 7 days a week.

Trading with FinTech is completely free. To sign up, only your name and email address are required. Traders will need to make an investment, though. It is an initial deposit. But, all the trades are done by software on your behalf, or any other usage of the software will require no fee whatsoever.

FinTech claims that trading with this software requires no previous knowledge and no extra effort. In that way, it is perfect for beginners, but professionals are advised to use it as well.

How To Start Trading With FinTech?

We have analyzed several facts in our Fintech review. The process that leads to trading with FinTech is pretty quick and can be done in just a few steps. Traders may go from not having an account, to making their first profit with FinTech in less than a couple of hours. What traders need to do is sign up to the website using only their name and email address. Learn how to open FinTech trading account here.

When the sign up is done, users can check out what the website offers. In our Fintech review, we have found out that traders are not able to see the settings and other features until they make a deposit, which can be seen as one of the rare disadvantages from the user perspective.

FinTech website claims to be the perfect binary software for beginners, where traders will be provided with both trading platform and various trustworthy brokers they can trade with. There is a list of brokers each trader can choose to make a deposit with. An account with broker needs to be made directly on FinTech website, and only if the deposit is made on that account, the trader will connect and software will start trading. According to Fintech review, the deposit is made on broker’s website where traders will be able to invest their deposit.

When all of this is done, pressing a simple button can start software trading. FinTech software is able to make a lot of trades in a short time so trader’s balance can change on short notice. Users are able to follow all the trades that are done by software on their behalf.

Parallel to automated trades in our Fintech review we have found out that users are free to make manual trades too. That is great for more experienced, professional traders who prefer a more diverse approach towards binary options trading.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect Choice For Beginners and Middle-Level Traders!
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FinTech Additional Trading Features

Even though there is no need to follow and analyze the market, traders can still make some decisions and influence the placement of their investment. This can be done through Settings which FinTech has prepared for its users.

Fintech review showed there are a couple of basic settings that are offered. Traders are able to choose the Trade amount that is used to invest in every trade the software places. They can also choose how many trades they want for software to place in one day.

Another great feature available is the Risk level control. The higher the risk level is set, the riskier the trades will be. Higher risk level is also proportional to the number of trades that will be made.

The most interesting feature in Fintech review is the Reverse trading feature. As the software analyzes the market, it sends signals based on predictions it has on each asset. With Reverse trading, traders are able to make predictions opposite to what signals show. It is a great feature to have when traders are afraid of possible market turmoils.

Among all these great features, there is something called trading sentiment. It shows how many other FinTech traders approved or decided to take a certain type of binary options. Here we can see that FinTech combines the elements of social trading. Fintech review shows this signal provider provides multi-functionality and usefulness.

Last, but not least, is the mobile trading feature. FinTech review showed available mobile trading is also available. It is supported by most of the modern devices and it is very clear and easy to use. Mobile trading allows traders to access their trades and make a profit from any place in the world.

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Binary Options Robot vs. Fintech

When auto trading emerged in binary options trading, many binary robots appeared on the market providing various trading services and claiming to be supreme software with features that could help beginner traders in achieving good odds for successful trading.

The initial idea for binary robots is to enable beginners and inexperienced traders to trade with binary options. In this review, we will provide information regarding two binary robots; Binary Options Robot and Fintech.

Traders can expect to find information such as what trading services these binary trading robots provide, what their registration and deposit procedures are, and how effective their customer support services are.

Binary Options Robot vs. Fintech Registration Process

Binary robots tend to have similar sign-up procedures making it easier for traders who are willing to try out more than one binary broker for trading. For traders who have no previous experience and are eager to trade with binary options, trading with a binary robot could easily turn out to be a good way to start.

For Binary Options Robot traders, signing up requires a few basic information and doesn’t cost anything. Binary Options Robot is a free trading software that has no downloads, and no additional charges or add-ons. As long as the trader is online, Binary Options Robot is available for trading.

Fintech is an auto trading software that also provides free registration service. Once traders fill out their information, their Fintech account is created. However, Fintech traders cannot access the trading dashboard until they make their first deposit with a broker. For Binary Options Robot traders, the trading dashboard is not completely inaccessible before registration is made. With Binary Options Robot traders get a glimpse of the actual dashboard before they start trading.

Deposit Information for Binary Options Robot vs. Fintech

Each trading software claims to not have any expenses in order to use their services for trading. However, both binary robots do require from traders to make the first deposit with a broker in order to fully access and utilize the trading dashboard.

To make the first deposit, traders are automatically assigned a broker from Binary Options Robot dashboard. Binary Options Robot supposedly never asks for any payments as all transactions are always performed between the traders and brokers.

Fintech also automatically assigns a broker for the first deposit. With Fintech and Binary Options Robot, traders are automatically redirected to the broker’s account where they can complete the deposit payment.

Once the deposit is completed, traders have full access to Binary Options Robot dashboard. Same goes for Fintech traders who get access to Fintech dashboard when they make the first deposit with a broker.

Auto Trade Approval on Binary Options Robot

Binary Options Robot has a novelty available for its traders. Unlike other binary robots where their service includes placing trades automatically, Binary Options Robot provides a new trading setting which claims to give traders more control over their trading decisions. Auto Trade Approval serves as a pop-up window that allows traders to accept or decline the trade offered by Robot on the trading platform.

Whenever the Robot generates a binary signal, Auto Trade Approval pops up informing the trader about the offered trade. The Auto Trade Approval information contains the asset, its investment value, a suggestion to either put or call, the expiry time for accepting the trade and the option to accept or decline the trade. With this setting, Binary Options Robot traders have the final say on each trade procured by the Robot.

Manual Trading Feature with Binary Options Robot and Fintech

Binary Options Robot offers manual trading on its trading dashboard. This feature is available for traders who would like to explore this type of trading. When traders opt for manual trading on Binary Options Robot platform, they are immediately linked to the broker’s website where they can continue to trade manually. This means that traders cannot use any of the Binary Options Robot features while they are trading manually.

Fintech also provides a manual trading option to its traders. This possibility might be useful for traders who have more experience and would like to trade manually as well.

Binary Options Robot VIP Account

Binary Options Robot traders have the opportunity to access the VIP account right after they register with the Robot and make the first deposit with a broker. Traders only have to contact Binary Options Robot Customer Support. This will enable traders to use all the VIP features for an entire month. Once the VIP account is activated, traders can use Risk Level, Expiry Times and Trading Strategies.

Risk Level allows traders to use low, medium or high risks while trading. Traders can choose to explore various trading opportunities by using different risk levels. Expiry Times has 60 Seconds and Daily Trade option for traders who want to trade with shorter and longer trading times.

The VIP account also has four Trading Strategies that traders can use while trading. Each strategy has its own trading algorithm so traders can alternate among them and use just one strategy or use two, three or all four strategies at the same time.

Fintech doesn’t have a VIP account on its trading dashboard. However, this auto trading robot has a feature called Trader Sentiment. This feature displays the percentage of traders who decided to trade the option manually or with auto trading.

With Binary Options Robot VIP Account, traders can prolong their VIP status for another 3 months just by making another deposit with the same or a different broker. They just have to contact Binary Options Robot customer support to prolong their VIP membership.

Customer Support for Binary Options Robot and Fintech

Binary Options Robot provides Customer Support for its traders from 8 am to 10 pm, Monday to Sunday. Their Support team provides information regarding binary options, and assistance for every step while trading with Binary Options Robot. They are available via live chat and they can also be reached via the contact form.

Fintech customer support provides a contact form where traders fill out their information and fill out the message section. This is the only information about Fintech customer support that is available on their website.

It can be concluded that Binary Options Robot website contains more information about their trading services without having to make a deposit right away. They have an extensive FAQ section with plenty of useful information for first-time traders. Fintech has an FAQ section with only 8 questions while Binary Options Robot has up to 10 questions for every aspect of trading; registry information, deposit information, trading features, VIP account features and their customer support has a live chat option so traders can receive immediate help while trading.

Fintech Robot Review

On binary options market in South Africa, Fintech is presented as a new robot for binary automated trading.

Thanks to great technology improvements in binary options industry, there is an increasing number of robots who appeared and Fintech robot is one of them who we decided to review.

Interested fact about Fintech Limited is that with this robot, South Africans can start earning money in the very beginning of trading process. Profits with Fintech robot can go up to $900 within just one hour.

To know more about this binary robot, read below our Fintech robot review and learn more about this automated software and available features for successful binary auto trading journey.

Introduction of Fintech Limited

Fintech is an automated binary robot which uses innovative algorithms in order to bring high profits to registered traders in South Africa. Fintech Limited is operated by financial experts on March 2020 and since then, they became more and more popular in binary options industry.

Our Fintech robot review showed us how registration process is very simple.

Traders only have to enter their name and email address in order to get access to auto trading platform. It is important to mention our South African readers how trading on Fintech robot is free, which means traders don’t have to pay any fees in order to use this binary robot.

What we discovered in Fintech robot review is that this robot can be easily used by inexperienced traders as well as professional traders. Thanks to advanced technology, nowadays, it doesn’t take a special trading knowledge to be able to participate on financial market and trade binary options.

How to Trade Binary Options with Fintech?

Our Fintech robot review revealed how this robot relies on binary trading signals, created by the professionals, who have better financial knowledge of online trading. Therefore, they are able to determine with better precision how will the market react on a price movement of particular asset.

South Africans who join Fintech robot, can skip daily research and reading latest binary news, because now entire trading process is done by Fintech Limited robot. Our Fintech robot review showed how this robot is user-friendly, which simplifies traders’ journey in binary options.

Once South Africans register on trading platform, they will automatically be redirected to the dashboard, where they can deposit and begin their automated trading experience.

Entire trading process can be executed in three steps, as Fintech robot review showed us. The first step is to complete registration, second one is to fund a trading account and third step is to activate a software.

To deposit with Fintech robot, traders will be redirected to a Fintech robot platform where they can add preferred amount to deposit or withdrawal, depending on what they need.

To activate trading account, amount of $250 is required.

Our Fintech robot review showed how available currencies are: USD, EUR, GBP, ZAR, RUB, BRL, JPY, CAD and AUD.

Traders in South Africa can enjoy in free Fintech automated software. In case of funds withdrawal, traders first need to submit withdrawal request.

We were surprised to see in Fintech robot review how it is possible to switch automated trading off and place trade in different assets manually.

Available binary brokers on Fintech platform are: Banc de Binary, Option.FM, Tropical Trade, StockPair, Porter Finance, OpitonBit and many more.

Fintech Robot Trading Features

This binary robot has prepared a selection of trading features, which can be used on Fintech platform. One of these features is called Trader Sentiment.

Trader Sentiment actually shows the exact percentage of Fintech registered traders who use auto trading or manual option. The higher percentage it is, more people believe how a particular trader will be successful one.

Our Fintech robot review also revealed how this robot support social trading and copy trading, as well.

Another popular service of Fintech software is that it offers mobile app for registered traders in South Africa.

South African traders have opportunity to place trades via tablets or smartphones, and not only via computers as before.

Trading on mobile platform is popular since nowadays, so many people lead busy lives and opportunity to use Fintech robot on the go enables them more simple way of trading binary options.

Customer support is responsive with Fintech. It is possible to reach them via email or live chat.

Fintech Robot – Yes or No?

Since 2020, Fintech robot is present on South African financial market as a unique binary robot. This free automated software is intended for both new and pro traders and that is definitely one of the major advantages when joining Fintech robot software.

Another benefit we discovered in Fintech robot review is that registration and login are easy and traders can start trading binary options immediately, without any fuss. Entire process can be done within three steps, which we find very easy and positive.

Platform is available on following languages: English, German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and Arabic.

However, in Fintech robot review we learnt how it is not possible to get insight in auto trading platform without deposit is made. Although, this isn’t so rare to see in binary industry, we believe traders in South Africa would feel more secure if they could have a look on the platform before depositing.

Overall, this Fintech robot review showed how this binary robot may be quite profitable for binary automated trading. South Africans have on disposal different guide education materials and FAQ, where they can find valuable information on how to trade with this robot and earn money.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect Choice For Beginners and Middle-Level Traders!
    Free Demo Account! Free Education!

  • Binomo

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