Trio Profit Machine Review

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Trio Profit Machine Review

Trio Profit Machine Review: In the era of internet marketing and binary trading, fake brokers and fake signal or automated software are a reality. People are enticed with all sorts of offers from various marketing organization claiming streams of income for the purchaser of the software. One such website, namely the Trio Profit Machine, and its software, claims to impart knowledge on how to make $ 100 to $ 700 in a day through Internet Marketing.

First and foremost, the Trio Profit Machine has nothing to do with the binary trading and it is no way related to binary trading software but in reality, it’s an internet marketing or affiliate marketing company claiming to provide three streams of income.

Trio Profit Machine Review

It is a well-known fact that many binary scam robots have nothing to do with the binary trading but have good marketing gimmicks. Still, they exist in the market and con the traders. The Trio Profit Machine is just an marketing website and we would like our readers to understand how such offerings attracts the individuals in their jaws.

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    The creator of the Trio Profit Machine system is Jani G. The word “Trio” means “Three”, and it refers to the three streams of income from affiliate marketing. These three streams of earnings are; Impulsive Buyer Income or IBI, Download Page Income or DPI, and List Follow-up Income or LFI. The video on the website of the Trio Profit Machine, shows that Jani G met a person named John Racine who presented him on how to make living on the internet, and from there, they developed this system.

    Trio Profit Machine

    How does Trio Profit Machine Work?

    As discussed earlier, it is not a binary software. It is an affiliate marketing system. Though it does not qualify as a scam or the scams, it can fall into dubious internet marketing schemes. We have seen in many of our binary software reviews that the photos on the websites are of some cheap Fiverr actor but in the case of the Trio Marketing Machine, both the individual seems real, however, their claims are unreal.

    The website describes one of the promoters, Racine, as a president of Empowered Marketing Solution and an experienced internet marketing professional. The website indicates that the Trio Profit Machine had changed the life of the Racine, and allowed him to leave his full-time job and become the internet marketing professional. Actually, John had been in the field of internet marketing and was successful before the ideation of the Trio Profit Machine.

    The Trio Profit Machine provides three different techniques to make that extra stream of income. It boasts 3 income streams namely the Impulsive Buyer Income or IBI, Download Page Income or DPI, and List Follow-up Income or LFI. Although the names sound fancier to newbies and claimed by the website these are new techniques, they have been around for quite some time. Individuals sometimes buy things which they don’t really require due to looking at some fancy advert indicating one time offer of lower price than the starting price is called the impulsive buying behavior. The first discussed theory of Impulsive Buyer Income takes the advantage of such individuals.

    Trio Profit Machine Promises

    The another method described to generate the income stream is the Download Page Income, which tells you to create a download page associated with the affiliated marketing partner and disguise it as a combo offer or bonus offer. Such practices fall in the category of dishonest selling practices. The last method described in the Trio Profit Machine is about the List Follow-up Income, in which the author informs the readers to generate the e-mail leads and then follow up in order to generate sales.

    These mentioned streams are promoted or disguised to the users as brand new techniques using the same principle mentioned in the book on their download page. These techniques though promoted as path-breaking tools, they are not new in the marketing parlance. The promotor on the website uses all three of them to promote his own e-book worth of $ 7. He basically describes three marketing theories of generating sales wherein you acquire the list of prospective customers, sell the product, and once purchased try to upsell even better version. This information is freely available on the internet and does not require you to spend even a penny from your pocket.

    The Verdict

    The money making opportunity offered by the Trio Profit Machine are disguised marketing techniques, and the promoter uses them to their full potential with the download page. The Trio Profit Machine is not related to binary options trading, and hence if you want to start your binary trading career, this is not what you should be looking at. The Trio Profit Machine offers $ 7 e-books to give you information regarding how to make money online, while the same information is available freely on the internet and you really don’t require you to spend a penny. We would recommend our readers to completely avoid the Trio Profit Machine if you want to make a career in the binary options trading.

    If you are up for the binary options trading, our recommendation is to go through the Option Robot website. The Option Robot provides a trading software with both auto and the manual option to suit your liking. The Option Robot is affiliated with the well-known binary brokers like Banc De Binary and 24 Options amongst others, who has earned their reputation in the binary arena with their consistent services and safe money handling practices. The Option Robot allows you to trade in the variety of assets through several option types to choose from. The software also provides buying and selling signals by evaluating technical parameters like Stochastics, MACD, RSI, CCI, amongst others. The Option Robot also has a well-equipped support staff trained for the technical and financial aspect of the binary trading. The website of the Option Robot is professionally developed and all the tabs are placed aesthetically along with well-established binary brand affiliation who has legitimate license to operate the binary trading.

    Overall, we would recommend our readers to STAY AWAY from Trio Profit Machine and if you are up for the binary trading than please sign up with Option Robot to start your binary trading journey.

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    Trio Profit Machine is a system that claims to be able to teach its members how to make $100 to $700 a day through Internet marketing. Is this realistic? Read our full review to find out!

    Firstly, we would like to inform our readers that Trio Profit Machine has nothing to do with binary options and is actually an Internet marketing system. However, since most binary options scam robots have practically nothing to do with binary options either, as they are just affiliate marketing scams, we will review Trio Profit Machine to educate our readers on how these shady online offers work in other industries as well.

    Basic information:

    Cost: Free
    Software: 100% Automated
    Max Returns: Up to 90%
    Minimum Deposit: $200
    Countries: All nations

    • Real people
    • Not a scam
    • Full of upsells and affiliate offers
    • Deceptive marketing materials
    • Same information can be obtained for free elsewhere

    7BO Verdict:

    Not Reliable Service

    What is Trio Profit Machine?

    Trio Profit Machine is a system created by Jani G, and the Trio refers to 3 streams of income which he calls Impulse Buyer Income (“IBI”), Download Page Income (“DPI”) and List Follow-up Income (“LFI”). According to their promotional video, which you can view here, Jani met a person named John Racine who showed him how to make a living online, and from there, they created Trio Profit Machine.

    So is Trio Profit Machine a scam? Actually, Trio Profit Machine is not a scam but it is definitely a shady internet marketing system. First off, both Jani G and John Racine are real individuals, not some cheap actors like we see with binary scam robots, however their claims are disingenuous. Here is how the Trio Profit Machine website describes John.

    In reality, John is an experienced Internet marketer and is the president of Empowered Marketing Solutions. The description above makes it seem like Trio Profit Machine changed John’s life from frustrated 9-to-5 worker to online entrepreneur but in reality John has been around Internet marketing for a long time and was successful years before Jani G came up with the Trio Profit Machine.

    Currently, the Trio Profit Machine costs $7 to purchase and what you get for that $7 is a 52-page ebook which contains the details on the 3 income streams mentioned above. While these terms sound fanciful and new, actually the 3 income streams that Jani G teaches in the ebook are already well known concepts that have been around since the early days of Internet marketing. IBI just refers to taking advantage of people’s predisposition to make impulsive buys, particularly at a lower starting price, by using a One Time Offer (“OTO”) page. The second stream, DPI, comes from creating a download page with affiliate offers disguised as bonuses, which is kind of shady practice. The third stream, LFI, is just an opt-in page to get email leads and then pitch them with other offers later.

    Figure 1: DPI tactic of affiliate offers disguised as bonuses

    So to summarize, the Trio Profit Machine is just a OTO page, a download page, and an opt-in page. Do these sound like brand new Internet marketing concepts to you?

    How Does It Work?

    If you thought it strange that someone would go through all this trouble just to sell a $7 ebook, you would be right. The $7 ebook is just a OTO for Jani G and is his first stream of income. For his second stream, he constantly promotes upsells and affiliate offers within both the ebook and the download page itself. Take a look at some of them below/

    Here’s one thing that Jani doesn’t mention: in order for anyone to be successful by creating a OTO page, download page, and opt-in page, he or she would have to have a source of high volume targeted Internet traffic first. Without this traffic, all these pages would be pointless. Jani does not show his members how to obtain this traffic in the first place (because let’s face it, this is the main challenge of Internet marketing) and instead uses it as an opportunity to further promote his upsell: his personal coaching course.


    Trio Profit Machine is not a scam; however it is a mediocre product with information that can easily be found for free elsewhere. In addition to being low quality, it is absolutely stuffed with affiliate offers and upsells. Only people who are absolutely new to Internet marketing will derive value from this product, however again those people could easily obtain that information for free elsewhere. In conclusion, people would be better served spending their $7 somewhere else.

    Trio Profit Machine Review

    Binary options are not the only industry to have a high proportion of firms looking to relieve you of your hard earned cash. In fact, there are people operating scams in every possible marketplace. Trio Profit Machine is an internet marketing service but has many similarities with the scams you find in binary industries. Read onto find out more about the Trio Profit Machine and whether it is a scam or not.

    Introduction to Trio Profit Machine

    This website is free to access and use although access to income information is $7. It also appears to be operated by real people and to be a genuine site. It even offers returns of 90%. However, it should be noted that this site indulges in a range of deceptive practices using clever marketing ploys. The site is also full of links to other products in an unashamed attempt at affiliate marketing. It is even possible to purchase information through the site which can be obtained for free on the internet.

    The Trio Profit Machine is the brainchild of Jani G and will teach you how to make money online through the use of three income sources. These are Impulse buying, money from downloaded pages and income from links followed through to sales.

    Using the Trio Profit Machine

    For your $7 the Trio Profit Machine will provide you with a fifty two page book which details the different income sources and will help you to generate an income in the same way. In fact, this is the first stream of income for the Trio Profit Machine. Although not strictly speaking a Trio Profit Machine scam it is simply a way to allow the creators to sell you more items through another range of links.

    Conclusion – Is the True Profit Machine

    This is not actually a scam, but True profit Machine does provide a good example of how you can pay for information that is actually available for free. Instead of spending $7 with Trio Profit Machine you will be better spending a little extra time researching the same information on the internet.

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