The Calloway Software Review Scam AutoTrading App Exposed!!

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The Calloway Software Review: Scam AutoTrading App Exposed!!

The Calloway Software Review: Scam or Not? The Calloway Software App is an automated trading software that trades that supposedly trades the financial market on autopilot. It promises to make you $3,025 in 24hours. Talk is cheap. How true are these claims? The forex, cfd and cryptocurrency industry is highly promising and many people have made huge fortunes from it, Notwithstanding, people have also lost money too trading. Quite unfortunately, lots of scams exists and they have been a nightmare promising potential investors of high returns which in reality, is bait to rope them in and finally defraud them.

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Calloway Software Scam Review

Brett Calloway is the purported owner of this software. He is just a fictitious character that doesn’t exist, most of these scammers take cover under fictitious names, as a matter of fact the picture that is supposedly him on their website is just a stock photo of someone else stolen from the internet. The Calloway App also claims a win-rate of 96%, this is actually false and highly deceptive. No automated trading software can achieve that level of accuracy due to market volatility and price fluctuations. Any software promising you that level of profitability is out-rightly a SCAM.

Pressure Tactics

When you watch the promotional video, you hear him say he is offering you the software for free as a Beta tester, that anytime soon new users would be required to pay. This is just a tactic to pressurize you into signing up without investigating further. As a matter of fact, you will be required to deposit money to trade, which is quite normal. But the problem is that this software is synced with dubious brokers. When you deposit your money, the creators of this scammy app shares the money with their unlicensed brokers. You are left with nothing, while the software places losing trades for you.

Fake Reviews

One of the great ways to convince people to try out something is positive reviews. No wonder these scammers have employed this technique. The reviews you positive reviews you see about the Calloway App are all fake and well played out. These website owners have been paid to mislead you, while they get a commission for making you sign up.

Review Verdict

The Calloway App is a SCAM

We have blacklisted

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The Calloway Software Trading App is simply a scam. We don’t advise our readers and subscribers to sign up for it. It has been specially designed by scammers to steal your hard-earned money.


Last Updated: 09 January 2020

In this article, we present an honest review about a trading software identified as Calloway Software. Named after its founder, Brett Calloway, this software claims a trading signals accuracy of over 96% and boasts in making hundreds of people rich. With a minimum deposit of $250, this software claims its users can make $3,000+ trading on its platform daily. We have carried out an investigation about this software and found it to be a scam. However, in place of this, you can try Cryptosoft, a legit and working trading software.

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Is the Calloway Software a Scam? Yes!

Having studied this software carefully, here are our observations:

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    The software claims it has a trading accuracy of 96%. The software claims it can earn more than $3,000 trading cryptocurrencies daily. Calloway Software claims to have educational materials on its platform with which traders can learn the art of trading but there are no such materials on its website. All the testimonials found on its website are fabricated and untrue. In place of Calloway Software, users are favoring Cryptosoft for trading and investment.

If you are looking about for a working trading software on the internet, Calloway Software is not an option. This software is a fraud that claims to make tens of thousands for its members monthly. However, our investigation so far proves otherwise. Similar to many other trading software scams that have appeared in the cryptocurrency industry, this software is one that should not be trusted. This software claims to generate accurate trading signals for investment traders, however, there is no concrete information to conclude that this is true. Trading with these signals would most likely result in you losing your funds.

Being promoted heavily on the internet through the use of sponsored adverts on search engines & e-mails, these adverts look too good to be true. However, on accessing the website, one will find nothing correlating as implied with the adverts. On the homepage of the website, a video is played and the characters in the video explain that the software work via an inbuilt algorithm which allows it to analyze the financial markets and search for profitable trades by checking undervalued assets, its RSI value, stochastic levels etc. and checking for good market entry. With this explanation, it claims a 96% accuracy using the algorithm. However, this isn’t true.

As a platform that has experience with different types of cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, Binance, and Bitmex, we can authoritatively say that the claims by this software are very outrageous. In the real financial market, a profit of 5% ROI weekly is a good trade. Market volatility plays a huge role in this price shift and this is a major reason not to trust the Calloway Software. From our research, we discovered that this trading system works in collaboration with unlicensed offshore brokers through which they trap registered users’ funds.

What is Calloway Software, and is it a Scam?

After thorough research, we conclude that Calloway Software is a scam. Promising to give its users a lot of trading signals every day with an accuracy of 96%, one would naturally expect that at least 9 out of any ten trades entered into it would become successful. But, searching through the internet for testimonies of people outside the web platform, we couldn’t find any. In fact, most of the reviews found on the internet about this software were all negative. This goes to justify that the software is nothing short of a scam.

The Calloway Software and its affiliate brokers are all stakeholders in this scam. We found out that for every user who has registered and traded on the platform, when they initiate withdrawal requests, they are either blocked by the traders or refused payments. There has never been one occasion where withdrawal requests are accepted by this platform. These scary and unpleasant experiences make us conclude that this system is a scam.

Also, unlike some other scams such as Bitcoin University, Crypto GPS, Calloway Software is not an automated trading app as its users initiate and close their trades on their own. The only responsibility of the software is to provide trading signals. They do not also offer any educational material that the user might need for trading even though they claim to on their website.

Calloway Software also lacks transparency. Everything about the website is either fake or undefined from the domain name details to the founder’s details. There is not one piece of evidence about Brett Calloway anywhere. We do not know anything about his expertise, his experience and unique characteristics which qualify him. This lack of transparency makes us wary of the truthfulness of the system and all it has to offer. With nothing to back any of the claims of this software, we conclude that CALLOWAY SOFTWARE IS A SCAM!

Who founded Calloway Software?

This software was supposedly founded by a man called Brett Calloway. The surprising thing here is that this founder cannot be traced to any former project, firm or social media profile. This is a common characteristic of most fake trading software. In a bid to see if we could find more information about the founder, we checked for the details of the domain name and alas, nothing was found. This is another reason to conclude that this software is a scam.

Why the Calloway Software is a Scam

In a bid to make adequate information about Calloway Software available in a well-arranged format, we have summarized our points to justify that this software is a scam in the subsections below:

False claims about how much you can make

One of the more pronounced reasons to conclude that Calloway Software is a scam is due to the claims that it can help the trader earn over $3,000 per day trading different assets. As funny as it sounds, this is far from the truth. No system whatsoever in the world would promise such a feat except it is a scam. If this were to be true, that means the average trader would earn at least $90,000 in a month and over $1,200,000 in a year. Wow! If this was true, then wouldn’t everyone be involved in this big financial opportunity? Why are there no positive reviews by its members scattered all over the internet? Where is all the money coming from? All these observations point to the fact that this software is a scam.

In the trading world, as the value of an asset goes up, the other goes down. But, in this case, Calloway Software claims assets value are always going up. This is not true. All these are just marketing gimmicks used by scammers to defraud people.

Fake Videos

Upon accessing the Calloway Software’s website, the first thing you can see is a video playing talking about the software and how it can be used to make money. Funnily, we researched and found out that all the characters used in the video are internet actors. Wow! Now, it makes a lot of sense. The information shared in the video about how the software works are untrue, the characters, therefore, would also have to be accomplices in sharing this fake information. This is another method notably used by scammers to deceiving people into buying into the lie.

Fake Testimonials

Checking through the website, you can see a lot of testimonials from several people talking about how Calloway Software has influenced and changed their financial life. Some even say they have made millions in just two months. To check if these claims were true, we ran a check on various search engines only to discover that there are no positive testimonials anywhere about the software. It appears that the only positive testimonials about this software can be found on their website. Why is this so? It is because it is all pre-planned by the software’s team. This further goes to corroborate that Calloway Software is a scam.

Fake rumors and TV claims

Across the internet, there are a lot of adverts and articles suggesting that Calloway Software is being endorsed by different celebrities and TV shows. One of such rumors is about Dragons Den. Several fake rumors are going around the web claiming a Calloway Software Dragons Den endorsement which is completely false. This software was never promoted on one of the episodes of Dragons Den. In another occasion, it was reported that Bill Gates was promoting Calloway Software but we found no evidence for these claims either. Fake trading robots are fond of promoting rumors of partnerships with top brands to promote their illegal venture so you should be suspicious when you hear about any celebrity endorsements.

Misleading Information

Calloway Software promotes a distorted understanding of how the trading of stocks works. Usually, to trade a particular asset/stock, one would have to sign up with a broker to help carry out the trade action. All broker sites are registered with an operating license under the Securities Commission of the U.S.A. However, when you register on Calloway Software’s web platform, you will see that the brokers this bot is connected to are all unlicensed. This is an illegal practice and it suffices to prove that Calloway Software is a scam.

The signup, deposit, and trade process on Calloway Software

When you register on the Calloway Software’s website, they will ask for the following information : First name, last name, email address, password, and phone number. After registration, the user will be redirected to a broker site to fund his/her account. On this platform, there are different methods of payment which include credit/debit card transaction. Using credit/debit card to pay on this platform is very risky as the platform will have access to the card details which can then be used thereafter to make transactions not initiated by the Card’s owner. To trade using this software, a minimum of $250 is required to be deposited onto your account and after this, you can go to the trade room to start. To begin with, you will get the impression that the software is working perfectly with the trading signals and profits coming in. However, when the user initiates a withdrawal request, the problems will appear as the request will be either unattended to or cancelled. This is a general overview of the trading process common to several persons who have used this software. Thus, Calloway Software is a scam.

Have people made money with Calloway Software?

From several reviews by users of this software, we have not found anyone with a positive testimony about this software. All the claims that people have made money with their app come from the fake testimonials on their website. This software is simply a scam and can in no way make any money for anyone.

Although there are a lot of scam trading software out there such as Calloway Software, there are others that are legit and have a great reputation such as Cryptosoft. To use this software, click the link below.

The Calloway Software Review, Is Calloway Software Scam? YES! Confirmed

Welcome to our Calloway Software (AKA Calloway Crypto System) review and SCAM investigation. If you are searching the internet for a fair an impartial Calloway Software Review, or alternatively want to know who Brett Calloway is, then you have landed on the correct review site. First a bit of disclosure, we are not affiliated or associated in any way with the Calloway Software scam software and refused to endorse it despite various lucrative offers that were presented to us by a couple of unethical affiliate networks (mainly due to complaints we received). In this context, we would like to warn all of our members and subscribers about this latest Forex and cryptocurrency investment scam. If you have received any form of SPAM email communication, or alternatively have been exposed to a fake Facebook advertisement, then you need to understand that you are being targeted by unethical online promoters who are currently launching what is possibly the most viral Forex and Crypto SCAM of 2020. The Calloway Software is advertised as a semi-automated signals app with a 96% win ratio and easy to use interface. In reality, the software is totally rigged and designed to take losing positions of CFD contracts. What does this mean? Well, it really means that if you decide to listen to a host of disreputable websites and dive into this little adventure then we can guarantee you will end up losing you initial investment and maybe much more. Don’t believe us? Still think Calloway Software is legit? Just keep reading our review and see how we exposed this dirty new operation.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

Here is the Proof of SCAM:
Here we see some graphic image of Brett Calloway, who is the presenter of the software. But Brett is not a real person, his identity was created in order to promote a filthy app and he does not really exist. Nor are we told what his official position in the company really is, we are lead to believe he is the owner since the app is named after him.

The Calloway Software Review, Who Is Brett Calloway?

Here we can see a screenshot taken directly from the Calloway Software Scam main sales page and members area. We are told that these crooks are hiring sales managers and customer service people because their company is growing. Well, we don’t believe that and we think its just part of the ruse and designed to lend this get-rich-quick scheme an additional layer of legitimacy (which is something it really does not have).

Calloway Software Fake Testimonials
Below you will find one of the testimonials that were somehow edited out of the final sales video. Fortunately for you we were able to get our hands on the proof we needed, as it seems some careless websites actually used this fake testimonial in order to claim that the Calloway Software is legit. Hmm.. I wonder why they would do something like that?

Calloway Software Fake Testimonials

Anyways, that webmaster should probably be more careful about what he posts on his website, but that is his business not ours. However, we are sure that when his members and subscribers start asking the difficult questions he will take the image down, but you can always refer to as a point of reference since we do not promote any scams (we just expose them)!

The Calloway Software Scam, Make $3,025 in 24 hours?

As we continued with our investigation we noticed something very interesting. The system is presented as a “cutting edge semi-automated software. However, the app is not real. The picture was taken from a random site and the fake app has nothing to do with how the software looks like or behaves. Its just some image that was ripped off the internet for presentation purposes, but has no real informative or educational value.

The Calloway Software Fake App

And here is the final and most definitive piece of evidence you will ever need. When we proceeded to signup to test the software, we were shocked to find out that this is EXACTLY the same software which was used for the Britcoin System. Only then our broker was Prestige Financial Markets, but in this case it was Hybrid Reserve, which is owned by a company named SingleBell LTD and has an address in the Marshall Islands. In other words, this software is what’s commonly referred to as a turnkey solution for online promoters wanting to plugin to a software and start peddling filthy apps online without too much fuss or technical integration issues.

The Calloway Software Fake Broker

What is The Calloway Software and How Does it Work?
It is advertised as a semi-automated trading system which caters to Forex and cryptocurrency traders. The listed accuracy level is 96%, however we find that to be a gross exaggeration of the facts, especially when combined with the fake claim about making $3,025 in 24 hours. Its supposed to be a self-sustaining automated system which “automatically analyzes current market conditions” for you and lets you have access to profitable positions at preferential rates and improved margins.

Who Is Brett Calloway?
He is supposed to be the man behind the software, but there is no tangible proof of this. All we see is some graphic image and nothing of real significance. In reality Brett Calloway is a fake identity which was created for promotional purposes.

The Calloway Software Review, $3,025 in 24 Hours Or Deceptive SCAM?
From beginners to experienced traders, people from all over the world are benefiting from daily and weekly profits as a full time income stream. That is how the sales presentation begins, and then it goes on to mention how a profitable trading algorithm was developed by Brett Calloway (Alias) and large investments are not required to earn money with this system. It proceeds to mention that most apps fail due to lacking critical risk parameters, but if you really want to begin your journey to supplement your income then you should take advantage of the fact there there is a final “rendition” of the Calloway software.

The narrator also states that choice and control are equally important as reliability and positive winning rates, and the you can choose trades and customize settings. In reality there is a strong emphasis to shift from full trading automation to manual or semi-automated signals. This is happening because brokers are beginning to understand that its getting more difficult to beat the artificial intelligence of trading robots and since they are the ones paying commissions they get to decide what type of trading systems can be allowed. That is the real secret behind the Calloway Software scam, but no one will tell you that.

Is It Free?
No, actually its plainly stated that it will cost you at least $250 in order to try out the crappy system. Oddly, that is the only thing we believe, the rest has nothing to do with facts its all fiction designed to lure you into a web of lies and deception.

Is The Calloway Software a Scam Investment Platform?
Yes, for sure and if you still want to try it out and invest you can pretty much kiss your money goodbye. Oh, and don’t come asking us to help get you a refund its not going to work.

The Calloway Software SCAM Fake Reviews
Unfortunately this scheme got picked up by an affiliate network and various website owners have latched on to this offer with the hopes of receiving fat commission checks for referring paying customers.

Still Unconvinced and Want To Try Out Calloway Software?
Don’t say we didn’t warn you and don’t forget that a grain of salt and a hefty dose of skepticism will always help save the day.

A Few Alternatives
If you are now thinking about an alternative software which actually produces results then we have some very profitable systems for you. We invite you to check out our recommended section and see our short list of reputable trading apps.

The Calloway Software Review Summary, Conclusions, and Some Helpful Tips
The Calloway Software scam by Brett Calloway is BLACKLISTED for sure. There’s no way you can generate any income as this piece of trash technology is rigged and set to lose. We have come across similar apps and the end result is always the same so don’t get tempted (we know its very hard to resist) and don’t listen to some over-hyped reviews about how this system is profitable because there is a hidden agenda and you are walking into a trap. If you have any additional questions simply message us via our YouTube Channel, Facebook Group, and G+ profile.

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