Peter Millen Review Nuvo Finance

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Peter Millen Review: Nuvo Finance

Nuvo Finance is a new binary options trading product claiming to make traders $17,000 per month. The developer of the software is Peter Millen, a man who claims to be the CEO. Not to our surprise, Peter has absolutely no reputation in the binary options marketplace. There is nothing that suggests that he is the right man for the job.

Today we will be providing a detailed analysis and review for any binary options trader that’s interested in the claims and promises being made on the sales page. Do not register or take any action before reading this review in its entirety.

Nuvo Finance Review

According to the sales page traders can easily use the same trading methods and tools used by the pros with Nuvo Finance. They boast that their programs are based on commonsense methods, and decades of real market experience. They must believe that the decades of real market experience is extremely important because they accidentally wrote this point twice.

Detailed Video (Must Watch!)

Marketing Tactics

The more time we spend here on the Nuvo Finance sales page, the more issues we find with their marketing approach. Like many other binary options products, they claim that there is a limited time in which traders can join as a free beta tester. The timer is at 6 hours and 52 minutes, but when we were on this webpage yesterday the timer was at the exact same time. So, the product really shouldn’t be available right now but this is just a marketing strategy to make you take fast action without thinking.

Beta Testing

Another common misconception in the binary options market is the beta test. Developers like Peter behind Nuvo Finance constantly claim that traders are getting exclusive access to something because they are taking part in a beta test. What they are actually doing is covering their own asses because of the software fails they can just tell you that it was a beta test. Beta testing is the process in which a program or product is that it for errors and bugs. You should never be investing real money in a process that is guaranteed to have issues.


Like most poorly put together binary options systems the Nuvo Finance software relies on testimonials instead of real results. One of the testimonials is from Michael Van de Berg from the Netherlands who says “Everything changed when I found Nuvo Finance by chance. It has completely changed what I think about online trading. I love it! It makes money. Period.” As you likely suspect already, there is no proof that Michael has ever traded with the software.

The Trading Application

This is the same trading application used by SnapCash Binary and WikiTrader .

This is another rec ycled robot with a new name.


The Nuvo Finance product is recommended highly by all of the usual suspects. You will see many 5 star reviews for this product but every single blog is actually owned by the same person to be cautious who you trust. No matter who is recommending this software to you, use the logical side of your brain and really think about the likelihood of a binary options trading software being given to you for free that’s going to make you $17,000 a month. It’s too good to be true, be careful.

Thank you for spending time here on Binary Today , and please let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your binary options dreams come true.

Nuvo Finance Review – Another Scam System? My Experience!

A source of consistent good income, this is what all of us desperately seek. Some of you may already have such sources; sources of even ‘great’ incomes, but how many people like you exist? In all likelihood, you are among the majority of people who toil five or six days a week, and get a barely sufficient salary which doesn’t even last the entire month, right? If it is so, then you must be on the lookout for alternative sources of income. Have you tried Binary Options Trading for a change? If it is applicable in your region, and if you have already tried your hand at Binary Options, the chances are that you are scared of trying new software. Well, you are not to blame for it given the numerous scams that have hit the market in recent years.

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    Best Binary Options Broker!
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Today, we have a genuine piece of software, and here we review it for you. Nuvo Finance is proving to be a blessing for many people who trusted it. We too heard of it through a reviews site, and the feedback was encouraging. Read this Nuvo Finance review to get more information about Nuvo Finance system.

Official Website –

Nuvo Finance Review – A Trustworthy Tool

Nuvo Finance by Peter Millen is a great software to use and even better to own. It is even better to grab it for Free while the opportunity presents itself. Take control of your life and remove all the barriers which stop you from achieving financial freedom. You may still be skeptical about it, but remember that you are still to read our entire review.

Once the target of adding new users is met, the software would not cost lesser than a couple of thousand bucks. Peter intends that some 60 odd people would be given a free copy of the software. All that would be expected out of the testers is timely sharing of data and feedback on any noticeable bug or shortcoming which can be rectified. The Nuvo Finance software has already achieved its full glory as is evident from its surprising results. The current batch of testers was finding it hard to report any glitches. This is the reason why Peter has decided to induct a fresh group, and you could be one of the lucky few who would get a chance to own the software and its generated incomes for a lifetime!

Nuvo Finance – A Reliable System

Nuvo Finance is an Auto-trading system which has proved its worth not once but in all the trading sessions for the past six months. It has not lost a single trade; Peter informs this achievement in the video. We understand that results may vary depending on a multitude of factors, but in our very own case, the software achieved an ITM of over 80%. Such a percentage has been achieved by nearly all the users who have been using it. The majority of the users have reported incomes over $15,000 with an initial investment of $250. The incomes can be dramatically increased by investing more than the bare minimum sum of $250. Remember, the more the money you allow the software to trade with, the more freely it can place trades to maximize the returns.

How does the System Work?

The Nuvo Finance system uses techniques rarely used by any of the contemporary trading systems. The system enables everyone ranging from newbie users and home-based traders to apply the same knowledge and skill as the Wall Street Pros. The system uses common sense methods which are proven to produce results. Don’t confuse the word ‘common sense’ with the meaning of it which we use in our day to day talking. What the word means here is the correlated factors which contribute to the statistical and financial changes in the markets. The system uses information gathered over decades of trading and market presence. Not just one but all the major exchanges are regularly scanned to collect such data and contribute to the knowledge base.

The Nuvo Finance software has been designed assuming that the user would be a novice. The advantage in designing it so is that every user would find it easy to trade with it. The software does not need installation and can be used on the move. You can even use its App on your mobile. The Nuvo Finance software being an auto-trading system, it earns for you even in your sleep. Peter Millen along with the CTO of Nuvo Finance, Will Slate, has made it possible to earn money from binary options with minimal effort and involvement. Will translated Peter’s experience and expertise in markets into a code and was instrumental in developing the platform. Later on, Austin joined them as a Lead programmer, and he is the one involved with the work of refining the software based on user feedback.

The way to join Nuvo Finance

If you are one of the lucky few who could watch Peter introducing the Nuvo Finance software, then we recommend you to go ahead and sign up for it. The procedure to enroll for being a beta tester is fairly simple.

  1. Enter your full name and email in the form on the official website of Nuvo Finance –
  2. Once you provide your name and email, you are taken to the member’s page. Here you need to put your phone number and also set a password.
  3. This completes the registration, and you now need to invest an amount greater than $250 with the Nuvo Finance recommended broker.
  4. All done, use the software daily to make easy profits.

Why we endorse the Nuvo Finance?

In the past few weeks, there have been a lot of changes in the way Binary Options trading happens. New regulations and guidelines have led to a slowdown in the trading businesses. Nuvo Finance is 100% compliant with the modified rules. The software has been able to win the trust of so many users in a short duration. The reviews on social media and blogs speak volumes to prove that the Nuvo Finance is genuine software. Did you see anything on the website which smelled of scam?There are no tall promises or misleading information. The quality of a product can be judged through the website which features it. The Nuvo Finance website demonstrates professionalism and supplies good information on every aspect of trading.

You would have noticed how some scam software frantically ‘guarantee’ profits. We hope you have your minds clear that in the world of binary options trading if someone can ‘guarantee’ wins and profits, then something is definitely fishy. The Nuvo Finance system neither guarantees profits nor promises to make you millionaires. It has been clearly mentioned on the website in the Frequently Asked Questions section that Nuvo Finance can at most help you to make good profits. Nuvo Finance helps make profits reasonably good but not as much as to make its users millionaires.

Customer Support

A good support base is a key to any customer oriented company. In anticipation of the rage which it would soon be, the Nuvo Finance has set up a dedicated support team to cater to its new users. In case there are any queries or concerns, the support personnel is just a click away. The support teams have been trained to be able to answer any sales and technical queries. Quick chat feature without any hold times saves time and effort.

Verdict – Nuvo Finance Is Trusted Binary Options Robot!

Join Official Website –

Note that Nuvo Finance is not available in few countries like US, Canada etc. So if you are not able to join Nuvo Finance, then you can join BinBot Pro instead. It is available in all regions.


The Nuvo Finance system is a revelation, and we recommend it to be your reliable partner in binary options trading. The system has been perfected and worked on since close to 2008. Years of tweaking and refinements have rendered the system in its present form and capabilities. We are happy to be able to present a reliable system which would not only earn profits but that too perpetually. I hope this Nuvo Finance review helped you in taking right decision. Just as the makers of the Nuvo Finance have solicited your feedback, we too would request you to share your views with us. This would help us in our future reviews greatly.

Nuvo Finance Review, SCAM or Nuvo Money Machine?

The Nuvo Finance Software by Peter Millen has recently launched and we were asked to conduct a full SCAM review and investigation into the inner-workings of this new app and trading robot. Needless to say, we are skeptics by nature so when we started inquiring about complaints and issues having to do with possible credit card fraud we were surprised to see the level and severity of grievances was borderline and almost acceptable according to industry standards. As we progressed we noticed an unusual amount of hype around this product, and for us this is a clear indication of a potential financial SCAM which is worthy of being blacklisted. Still, despite everything we had to go through the process and see if there is anything different about this system. Again, we found a few things that are misleading and could be construed as deceptive. However, something seemed a bit different and contrary to our intuition as we uncovered a few facts about this new app which made us ponder about it’s legitimacy and level of accuracy. It is our belief that the puppeteers operating behind the scenes and promoting this system are savvy affiliate marketers, however this remains to be confirmed. Our review will probe the intricacies of this new trading technology and attempt ascertain if it is a financial SCAM or a legit and genuine app. Keep reading to see how we conducted our investigation and why our findings may surprise you.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:

What is Nuvo Finance and How is It Different?
Nuvo Finance (not to be confused with Nuvo Network Management) is a new trading software which was made available to the public on February 6, 2020. The image below was taken directly from the Nuvo Finance sales page and illustrates how it looks and the various features associated with it. As you can see you can activate and stop the auto trading button, and select the amount of money you want to risk. There is also a dashboard that explains how many open trades you have and a condensed FAQ-type section that explains “how it works”.

Generally speaking we have seen these types of automated trading solutions in the past and in most cases they are investment scams and don’t deliver on their promise. So we dug in deep and found a few things that are quite indicative of a scam, but for the sake of honesty we were willing to look at it from a broader perspective and let the numbers speak for themselves.

Above you will notice an image of Millen saying how his software has “never lost a single trade” and it is “bullet-proof” and “recession” proof. We don’t accept this form of hype and do view it as a form of false advertising tactic. That being said, we were willing to set aside all our doubts and skepticism in order to really give this new software a chance, because we very much want to find a profitable auto-trader for our subscribers.

So, after we carved out all the exaggerated chatter and boasting we actually invested with our own money and took a real good look at the offering and potential benefit. Obviously we were not surprised when we absorbed a few losses and despite the lack of honesty here we knew what we were getting into. That being said, the overall performance of the software was actually not that bad and eventually we covered our initial investment and made a little money with a 75% ITM (win) ratio. Now, I know everyone wants to be a millionaire on auto-pilot and make passive income while watching their favorite show on TV, but this is just a fantasy so don’t fall for it.

Nuvo Finance Review:
Peter Millen, the founder and CEO of Nuvo Finance is offering you immediate access to a fully automated trading robot with a zero loss track record. That’s correct, the wins are guaranteed and you can’t lose a single trade! At the end of the day that is what people want or expect to hear so they gave them that. After a short drive we are led into a really lavish office where Millen invites you to be a beta tester for his new trading app. According to him, 16 beta testers became millionaires in 6 months, and now its your turn to get in on the action.

Millen is asking for your help (not your money) in order to fine-tune his software and make it the best in the world. Then we have Austin coming on board with 2 of the “round 1” beta testers who are already millionaires. Starting with Ashley Redding who is now debt-free and can’t stop thanking everyone for helping her transform her life. Then Mark starts to lay it on really thick and says he “doesn’t even know what to do with his money anymore”.

After that each beta tester is given a new Tesla car as a free gift since they had the “best attitude” and they depart. Then the we have the scene where Millen introduces Will Slate, the Chief Technological Officer at Nuvo Finance. He claims Peter understands the markets, and he is the one that “translates it into technical functionality”. He claims that together they helped 200 people become millionaires through their expertise, and the next group of beta testers will also be a part of that “2 comma club”. This is when Austin explains how he wasn’t reaching a 100% win rate, so after making “modifications to the trading algorithm, it went from an amazing platform to a turbo-charged money-making monster.”

To wrap up the sales pitch, Millen claims this is your last chance to get in and grab your license of the ground-breaking software. They then say they are giving it away for free because they want access to your trading log and usage history in order to verify their data and tweak their systems.

Unique and Differentiating Features
We did not find anything unique in the software after testing it, and in fact it looks and behaves very similar to other systems we tried out. The only difference was that the accuracy levels of the software were better, and at the end of the day that is what matters to us. There’s no use trying to hide the truth, there is a lot of hype and use of exaggerated earnings here, but it does not change the reality of things and we were able to make some cash using this system so we don’t perceive it to be a failure as opposed to other stealing apps out there.

I Got Scammed Before – What Are My Chances?
Well, all the classic tell signs are evident, but it passed the money test (although not as advertised). We believe these guys just took an overly aggressive presentation to get their point across. All they needed to do was show us how the software performs and a few words about the system and how it works. So on the overall we do not believe it it a scam, although we may revise our opinion based on feedback we receive.

Fake Reviews
The lure of bribes in the form of commissions is rapidly increasing as so called “honest review sites” continue taking handouts from brokers and big media networks that want to peddle their filthy apps online. So when you read a favorable review be extra vigilant and on your toes because there is a lot going on behind the scenes that you are not aware of.

Well, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s not gonna be free. The minimum deposit amount stands at $250 and that money will be charged to your credit card by one of the brokers integrated into their system.

Other Viral Scams Trending Now
You should do your utmost to avoid the Tesler App and Orion Code.

Signals Versus Auto-traders
We know how difficult it can be choosing the right software, so we have done all the research for you. In our recommended section you will find a short selection of systems that have withstood the test of time and are consistent money-making machines.

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