Only 100 Review

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The 100: TV Review

The sci-fi drama presents The CW’s ultimate vision for humanity: an Earth populated only by attractive teenagers, whose parents are left out in space.

Man cannot survive on bread alone — he must have kissing. Ninety-seven years after a nuclear holocaust wipes out life on Earth, the only survivors of the human race number 400: those left in space. Three generations later, the international space stations have been cobbled together to form “The Ark,” whose now 4,000 inhabitants are ready to return to Earth, but still fear its potential cloud of radiation. Unfortunately, their Ark is running out of oxygen because of a fatal malfunction. The solution is simple: Send 100 teenage criminals down to Earth. If they live, then the others will follow. If they die … well, they were going to be killed anyway (on the Ark, all crimes are punishable by death).

The 100 is, in many ways, a metaphor for The CW itself. The teenagers escape to a planet that is all their own, where only the most attractive among them survive. Who needs adults? Who needs rules? After all, as lead character Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor) states in a moment of spontaneous philosophy: “Reality sucks.”

Totally. Which is why, when the hundred land, they’re more interested in stripping down and hooking up than finding food, water or shelter. As they trample the lush ground cover and pristine ferns (it’s remarkable how well the Earth has rebounded from the nukes; aside from a two-headed deer, a very large snake and some glowing fungi, things are Eden-like), the sky-born children scream unto the fertile landscape, “We’re back, bitches!”

But the bitches of Earth 2.0 appear to give little protest. From there, the ragtag band begin splitting off into factions, a la Lord of the Flies. Like its cobbled-together Ark, the series itself is a pastiche of many other shows and stories: There are shades of Battlestar Galactica, Lost (including a hatch), 1984 and that aforementioned tale of ill-fated teenage governance. But these complex ideas are overshadowed by something much more important: Is Clarke going to fall in love with the daredevil Finn (Thomas McDonell) or the pushy leader Bellamy (Bob Morley, whose face shall launch a thousand Tumblr GIFsets)? And what of Wells (Eli Goree), son of the much-hated Chancellor Jaha (Isaiah Washington), who has loved Clarke since they were tiny sky tots?

There are other love triangles, squares, hexagons and other permutations that form among other characters — like between Bellamy’s kissing-focused sister Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) and the goofy Jasper (Devon Bostick) — which drive most of the action (literally and figuratively) on Earth 2.0. Meanwhile though, in the sky, the adults are arguing over silly things like governance, population control, failing oxygen levels and the fate of humanity. Why don’t they spend their time figuring out important things, like how Bellamy’s abs are so perfect?

The 100 has a lot of interesting things to play with in terms of its narrative and world-building, but it chooses to gloss over them. There are whispers of class struggle and of injustice, but those things aren’t as interesting or sexy as radioactive butterflies. Most unfortunately, the show has an incomprehensible issue with race. Minority characters (it’s interesting how delineated race continues to be three generations into a reduced population) are either given stereotypical roles (a “nerdy” Asian guy spends all day working on tech stuff, while a “feisty” Latina is a mechanic) or just silent ones (or even worse, dead). The Chancellor is black, but one character who hates him starts side-eyeing every black character she sees, because they remind her of him. Earth 2.0 seems to be back in the dark ages.

As the series continues with all of these issues, there are also new threats to both those in the Ark and those on the ground, from within and without (for instance, the teenagers may not be alone on Earth). Unfortunately, most of the one hundred are a muttering mob of criminals without a lot of brainpower, which is both convenient and frightening. They agree with the person shouting the loudest, until someone else counters. They also employ the show’s favorite early form of exposition, which is “character traits explained by unidentified crowd shouts.” When Octavia runs up to embrace her brother (it is illegal to have more than one child on the Ark), an unseen town crier makes known, “Hey! That’s the girl they found under the floor!”

It’s unclear yet whether the adults will follow the teenagers down to Earth and crash their party (it is notable that they didn’t even send one chaperone with them, which means the teens are free to rebel against the Ark pretty quickly in order to establish a place with no rules, as explained by their awkward “We’ll do whatever we want!” chant). The one hundred are, of course, “liberating” themselves from the doctors, farmers, engineers and others up in that Ark, which might set humanity back a few paces. On the other hand, procreation shouldn’t be a problem. Finding an audience for The 100 shouldn’t be, either, though that audience should demand a lot more from the series. Instead, like the initially driven Clarke, it’s so much less work to just settle for a kiss under a radiation-filled sky.

The 100

The 100 Fan Reviews ( 182 )

Season 6 Epiosde 2 & 3

A Must Watch


someone please kill Clark

Season 5 sucks

Ya ***s Nasty

To dang PC Now

Out of everthing i have watched( and i have watched literally and figuratively watched every tv show) this is my favourite show.

I don’t know why but the characters and the story just stuck with me.

This show may seem like your average teen drama with some cliches, but it’s so much more than that. This show knows how to properly use a cliche.

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This show is everthing you want it to be and much more.

And the quotes are some of the best on tv.

Sure, S1 starts off a little slow but its only to build upto the upcoming story arcs.

I would give up any and every show just to have unlimited season’s of the 100.

Really hope that it gets more seasons than supernatural, which has like 13 seasons.

May we meet again.

The worst show on TV?

The 100 so far

I actually have been indulging in Netflix and started at season 1,

It started out really good, I was intrigued so I kept watching. Then they start killing off fan favorites like Finn & Lincoln. Seriously why? He played a huge role in Octavia’s character giving her purpose and he became a connection between races. Not just giving her a leading role but making them a power couple. This was a good pairing. A lone girl made to feel invisible & a powerful man who gives her purpose to go on to become a strong player.

Then you go and kill him, destroying her and taking a huge part of her characters personality out of the 100. Leaving no more power couples you want to root for.

You should of killed off Murphy already and hooked up Claire with that other grounder guy! Now if you’d actually make the series more intriguing you wouldn’t of lost the appeal. But each episode is tje same! You got someone who gets beat up note faces are always bloody! You kill someone off & someone goes missing. There’s no intrinsic parts anymore you pretty much can guess what’ll happen already!

Find a way bring back Lincoln and hook up Claire with a dude.

Since you turned Finn into a loser then killed him, why you should have let Finns personality become a sounding board for Claire’s hotheadedness

You Suck!

Its starts slow but gets better in season 2

you just killed my favorite character

Fun, but the writers are out of ideas for S4 (Spoilers)

For the most part The 100 is an enjoyable show that really tests the boundaries of surviving and I really like them pushing the lines of morality. What is right and wrong? Is survival all about just living, or is it also upholding ideals?

That being said, season 4 is atrocious in terms of developing any real plot. It’s a jumbled up mess of this mystical “praim faya” nuclear wind coming. It has a typical Hollywood style clock of doom clich which really doesn’t add anything to the suspense – it just makes the whole thing feel tired and cheap. The time constraint doesn’t allow any real plot development as with the first 3 series. Then you have the completely out of character events that don’t add anything to the story – they just feel like padding. Abbie complicit in actions similar to Mount Weather? Clarke making lists of people and prematurely closing the bunker door “because she had no choice”, and the flip flopping of Octavia’s character from doom and gloom to fighter and back again. A lot of the developments were so predictable and can be seen a mile off. The only episode of the series that was of any use or development was the final episode. More plot development happened in this single episode than with the entire 12 episodes that came before.

I really hope the clean up of season 4 opens up season 5 for better and more creative writing.

Season 4, was it good? (Spoilers)

The 100 1. sezon 1. blm izle Turkce dublaj

The 100 1. sezon 1. blm izle Turkce dublaj bu dizi bir harika kesinlikle izleyin millet.

Clichs and more clichs

We want

Love the development

A little crazy

Disappointing S3

I literally cant stand Bellamy’s sister anymore!

Anybody wants to stone Bellamy’s sister? Wtf happened to her. The whole life she was brought up in space and now suddenly she thinks she is a grounder and she loves it too(oh, the irony) and she thinks she is more “grounder” than the grounders those who has been grounder for the whole of thier lives.

I just dont understand the show. Season 1 was really good but as soon as season 2 started i dont know what happened to the fucking writers. Maybe Allie was in thier heads when they were writing. Bellamy the only person i respected and loved cause he was himself throughout the show “and atleast he was normal” and now he is also changed. Clarke, I have no more hope for her. And Allie, the moment I saw her so obsessed with her research and it was she behind all these stupidity that I lost my mind. I want to stone Allie and Bellamy’s sister just like the muslims do. I fucking want to. Even if i meet them in real life, I will.


Highly Addictive

Super hooked on this show. Super sad to have to wait AGES til season 4.

Even though season 3 was a bit off, I still 100% love this show :)

Microwaved hot garbage,

unexpected to be like this

Show went from interesting to pretty much just sucks

I have no problem with a dumb premise in a show. I despise dumb characters though. I hate the bad stock scene of people dropping their weapon (usually out of reach) when someone they are fighting along side is hurt and cradle their head as if that is some sort of CPR procedure while the enemy gets the drop on them. I loathe the boilerplate act of a friend is shot, tossed off a building etc. and the other character shouts their name and stops fighting as if shouting their name somehow will bring them back from the dead(was the person you are exchanging fire with just a mild distraction?). I realize people aren’t robots but characters who are STUPID really have no place in an action show. People make dumb decisions at times but morons who consistently are too dumb to figure out how to get water out of a shoe when the instructions are on the heal are just too frustrating to watch.

Oh and enough with the it is dangerous nonsense. Once it is established something is dangerous stop beating the dead horse. Should I use the chip – no it is much too dangerous. We are all dead if you don’t and we are out of time. I’ll use the chip. No don’t it is much too dangerous. We have no choice. OK I’ll help you then. Are you sure you want to use the chip? Yes. Be careful. Are you ready? I’ll go take a nap while you do this dangerous thing. She’s dying. Yawn – I’ll shout her name – maybe that will help. OK – I’m the doctor – you perform CPR and I’ll hold her cheeks. Not working. OK I’ll cut her open and then you massage her heart while I brush her hair back. if this is not meant to be an action/scifi show just call it vampire diaries so teenage girls watch it and the characters can talk about their feelings.

The 100

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A lot or a little?

The parents’ guide to what’s in this TV show.

The series raises many weighty issues such as the delicate balance between individual freedom and community well-being, the authority of government, and postapocalyptic life. Theirs is a reality in which they sacrifice their kids to test theories and kill for the slightest wrongdoing, but they have valid reasons for doing so. As such, it’s not always easy to distinguish right from wrong in their actions or in the characters themselves.

A mixed bag. Some characters are selfish, arrogant, and resistant to authority, even when conforming is in the best interests of everyone involved. Others, such as Clark, are willing to risk everything to save the group for the sake of the human race as a whole. Those in power are similarly divided, and one character in particular acts on self-preserving instincts, even when it means killing others.

Realistic violence, often with weapons such as guns or knives. In one scene, a teen is impaled on a spear and dies slowly. Teens threaten each other with weapons and engage in fistfights to settle differences. Peril exists at every turn, and enemies are often unseen. Mutated animals can be gruesome to look at, and some attack the teens. Capital punishment is the norm on the spacecraft, but the manner in which it’s done isn’t gory.

Teens flirt with each other and hint at sexuality, but little beyond kissing is shown. Occasionally they do undress to their underwear for various reasons such as swimming.

“Damn,” “hell,” “screw him,” “sucks,” and the like are frequent fliers.

The show is based on a book of the same name and features popular musical selections in its soundtrack.

What parents need to know

Parents need to know that The 100 has a lot of graphic violence and death, often at the hands of a group of teens who hash out power through beatings, torture, and weapon use. Graphic images of characters impaled by spears, strung up in trees, and subjected to other abuse are common, as is the threat of capital punishment and selective murder by a powerful governing body. In other words, this drama — based on a dystopian novel of the same name — is heavy-handed and not for the faint of heart. That said, the violence isn’t mindless, either, and is necessary to illustrate the show’s messages about personal freedom and community rights, as well as the appropriate role of government influence in this particular society. Expect some strong language (“hell,” “damn,” and the like) and hints at romance, plus some partial nudity (a teen strips to her bra and panties to swim, for instance) in this thriller.

Wondering if The 100 is OK for your kid?

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User Reviews

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  • Kids say

Review Needs Updated.

Great show, VERY violent, 16+

Too violent


What’s the story?

In THE 100, 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse wiped out life on Earth, leaving only the 400 people aboard a scattering of space stations alive, humans are returning to the planet for the first time. The emissaries are 100 juvenile prisoners who have spent their whole lives aboard the Ark, a colossal spacecraft formed by joining the 12 international space stations, which has served as the home for three generations of survivors and their offspring. Not yet 18 and thus not subject to the Ark’s stringent capital-punishment law, the 100 juvies are sent to Earth as test subjects to gauge the safety of its elements for the entire population’s eventual return. But once there, chaos ensues as various factions vie for dominance and many cut off communication with the Ark entirely. Standing strong is Clark Griffin (Eliza Taylor), a natural leader determined to survive and to reunite with her mom once the planet is deemed safe. But with time running out for the residents of the dying Ark and dangers lurking around every corner on Earth, is survival possible for any of them?

Is it any good?

Based on a book of the same name, this series is a tantalizing dystopian drama laced with suspense, teen romance, and plenty of bad guys you’ll love to hate. Equally visible are some quality role models, particularly pragmatic Clark, whose only offense is spreading the truth about the Ark’s dwindling supplies; and her fearless mom, Abby (Paige Turco), who sticks to her own ethical code in spite of outside pressure.

This action-packed show is heated and violent, yes, but it’s not without good reason, given the urgency of the story line. Unquestioned capital punishment and the totalitarian power of the Ark’s governing body would hardly be viable plot points for viewers if the story didn’t present them in the right context of an oppressive, Draconian society. But even with such justification, the violence in The 100 is very graphic and often erupts between teens, so take care in sussing out your teen’s readiness for this weighty story and its messages.

Talk to your kids about .

Families can talk about government’s role in people’s lives. How are the challenges of keeping order different in this society from what it is in ours? Are the government’s rules in The 100 appropriate for keeping people safe? In general, are ours?

The teens on Earth face the possibility of life without rules. What rules do your teens take issue with? From your perspective, what purpose do the rules serve in keeping them safe?

Is some violent content better than other kinds in entertainment? Does it ever serve a valuable purpose? If so, what? In what other forms of media do you often witness violence?

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