Gerchik & Co – Review of well-known forex brokers

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Gerchik & Co – overview of forex trading platform

✅ This Trading Platform is available in Russia

Choosing a brokerage company that provides an opportunity to make money in the global financial market is not an easy task even for experienced traders. Pursuing the search for a trading platform that will meet the requirements of potential customers, they have to study a huge number of offers of cooperation from different participants in online trading. And in this case, a large selection of brokerage companies greatly complicates this procedure.

Many traders solve the task, dividing it into several stages. First, they compile a list of promising companies (based on expert reviews, online advertising, the position of a broker’s web resource in search engines, etc.). After that, they analyze the activities of the most promising companies, and then study the “black lists” of financial market participants. If the broker does not appear in them, then you can register an account. Consider how the above analysis is carried out using the example of Gerchik & Co, a service of interest, both for newbies and experienced traders.

Key performance indicators Gerchik & Co

One of the main advantages of the broker in question is the fact that its creators used to be professional traders. That is, they know well what customers of trading platforms need, what services they are interested in, what traders’ activity depends on, etc. The practical experience of the company’s co-owners allows them to accurately identify the problems that their customers face and gives them the necessary assistance .

Gerchik & Co Security

When choosing an application for Gerchik & Co, the creators of this service were guided by such indicators as the preservation of customers’ personal information and the safe execution of all financial transactions on the broker’s web resource. To do this, they used the well-known platform MT4.

Convincing evidence of the reliability of the trading platform can be considered the fact that the company has been operating since 2020 (registered in Belize) and continues to evolve today. Users of the resource have the ability to control the situation on the presented site using mobile devices. System Risk Manager is designed to minimize the losses of traders, this trading platform allows you to limit the amount of financial losses, while maintaining customer deposits.

Expanding the standard features of PAMM-accounts, resource developers created a unique tool for investment TIMA-account (by adding an automatic risk management unit). That also increased the level of security and investment attractiveness of this resource.

Gerchik & Co Regulator

When registering for Gerchik & Co login, many users are guided by the fact that the broker company in question is licensed to provide financial services. That is, in the event of any problems or disputes, you can always contact the staff of the Commission on International Financial Services (IFSC, Belize). But not all participants of online trading have a positive attitude towards this organization. Of course, every trader, broker or investor has the right to his own opinion, but it is not clear what causes distrust of the institution in question. The Commission regulates the activities of financial institutions for about 20 years, it periodically checks their work and reporting documentation, and one of the conditions for obtaining an IFSC license is the presence of a share capital of 100 thousand dollars.

Training at Gerchik & Co

On the official resource of the brokerage company, users will find a whole section devoted to the education of novice traders – “Training Gerchik” (one of the creators of the project). Here you will see a huge number of a variety of courses and training materials that allow you to get the necessary theoretical training and understand how global financial markets operate.

The website also contains information about the capabilities of the MT4 platform, materials on online trading, investments, recommendations on creating your own trading strategies. For experienced traders, the administration of the service conducts webinars, posting economic news and provides analytical information.

After theoretical training, site users can test their knowledge in practice. A demo account posted on Gerchik & Co allows you to do this without risking your own financial savings.

The main requirements of Gerchik & Co administrators to their customers

The main features of different types of trading accounts are presented in the following table.

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Title Mini Simple Silver Gold Platinum
Minimum deposit amount, $ 500 1000 10000 25000 100000
Spread from 0.3 0 0 0 0
Minimum lot 0.01 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1
Leverage 1:100 1:100 1:100 1:100 1:100
Lot fee, $ 10 10 9 8 7
Seminars and webinars + + + + +
Educational course + + + + +
Trader statistics + + + +
Creating an individ. robots + +
Risk management + + + + +

Studying reviews compiled about Gerchik & Co, we can conclude that not every novice trader will decide to invest $ 500 in an unknown project. Creators of the resource need to think about the possibility of reducing the amount of the first deposit.

Gerchik & Co Trading Terms

● The amount of the minimum deposit – $500.

● The minimum lot is 0.01.

● Account currency – US dollar.

● Promotions and contests – are provided.

● Affiliate program – there is.

● Support service – works around the clock.

● Spreads – from 0 pp.

Deposit trading and withdrawal of funds Gerchik & Co

Most experienced traders about depositing and withdrawing funds leave positive comments about Gerchik & Co. To accomplish this task most often used:

● Known cryptocurrencies (BTC, Ripple, Ethereum, etc.).

● Credit and debit cards.

Gerchik & Co trading Instruments

The broker company in question provides its users with the opportunity to enter into transactions using: currency pairs (Forex market), metals and CFD contracts.

Gerchik&Co reviews and rating of the company

Important! We work exclusively with the accounts opened through IAFT.

History of Gerchik&Co

It’s time of top-quality Forex – that’s the slogan of “Gerchik&Co” trading company, and “Gerchik&Co” reviews fully confirm the veracity of this slogan.

As already stated, “Gerchik&Co” platform was founded in the year 2020, but started its business activity only in July 2020. Mr. Alexandr Gerchik, Mr. Ivan Kroshnyi and Mr. Andrei Zhila were among those traders who founded this company. Since the very first moment “Gerchik&Co” platform has been working hard to create for its traders and investors the excellent trading conditions on Forex.

“Gerchik&Co” company offers its customers only the most useful instruments and services in order to enhance the comfort and safety of their work on this platform. The company presents a special service called “Trader’s statistics journal”, where our clients can enter their data on working results of the trading system, and then – analyze and improve their work with the help of this data.

“Risk-manager” system ensures the protection of “Gerchik&Co” traders against any serious loses and doesn’t let emotions to adversely affect the results of the trading sessions. We believe that “Gerchik&Co” rating will definitely become an important benchmark for the new users in the exciting world of the financial markets.

Specially developed for “Gerchik&Co” company Level Forecast indicator identifies the most important price levels on a diagram and gives a possibility to perform the right financial operations in proper time, and the trust management TIMA-service opens even more doors for “Gerchik&Co” platform’s customers.

In addition to the main web-site, “Gerchik&Co” company created a special information portal, on which it posts various thematic and educational articles, news of the world’s financial markets and their nuanced analysis. Beyond that, “Gerchik&Co” broker presents monthly online-project called “Forex market analysis with Alexandr Gerchik”.

“Gerchik&Co” company makes every effort in order to provide its customers with the most profitable trading conditions and comfortable work, securing it from any potential risks. The evidence of these efforts lies in numerous awards, including such titles as “The Fastest-Growing Broker” and “Breakthrough of the Year”, obtained on Mena 15th Forex Show in Dubai, as mentioned by RTD Money. Review Visit site


GerchikCo is a forex broker. Gerchik Co offers the MT4 forex trading top platform. offers a number of forex pairs for your personal investment and trading options.

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