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EZTrader 20% Bonus Review

Min. Deposit: $100 Max Bonus: $5000

Turnover: 25 times Profit Restriction: Yes

Eligibility: Any deposit Geo Restriction: Yes

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EZTrader 20% Bonus Details

So you have read our binary option broker reviewsand decided that you want to start trading with the EZTrader scam? Definitely not a good choice even though it has EZTrader 20% Bonus.

The great part of this bonus is that it applies automatically to every deposit you make. So, you do not have to talk to your account manager and do not have to search for it. The thing you do is – make a deposit and enjoy your additional EZTrader 20% Bonus. Of course, the broker asks for 24 hours for the bonus to be credited, but as a rule, it always comes in a few minutes.

So, do I have to clear EZTrader 20% Bonus?

Even though we would enjoy telling you that you do not have to clear your EZTrader 20% Bonus, but you do. In order to clear the bonus you have to make a turnover of 25 times the bonus amount you receive. Yes you do and you will never get it.

You deposit $1000 and receive $200 bonus. The volume requirement is 25 x $200 which is $5000. So, after you make a trading turnover of $5000, you will clear your bonus, and be able to freely withdraw any funds from your account.

Bear in mind, that you have just 90 days from the day of your first trade for the bonus clearance. If your trading volume will be lower than required – the bonus and profits made with usage of this bonus will be taken from your account.

Also, if you trade the same instruments in two sides at the same time – it is calculated as a single trade. This is done in order to prevent bonus cheating, so higher number will be calculated as a clearing volume. The orders that has been sold via Sell Option (read in EZTrader review) are not calculated into the trading volume.

As a security measure, all the users of the EZTrader 20% Bonus will be required to make identity verification at the time of withdrawal. And, the bonus will not be credited to your account if you have pending withdrawal at the time of the new deposit.

So do not wait for another miracle to come!

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect Choice For Beginners and Middle-Level Traders!
    Free Demo Account! Free Education!

  • Binomo

    Honest broker!

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EzTrader Bonus

People prefer binary options trading for its numerous advantages. It is easy and fast. It does not require expert knowledge or vast investments. You can get as high a profit as 90% on your investment. Even if you lose, you know the maximum amount of loss that you can incur. Your choice is very simple; you just need to predict whether the price of the asset will rise or fall. When you choose EZTrader as your binary options broker, you have another great benefit. This is the access to the numerous EZTrader Bonus offers which are floated from time to time.

The various EZTrader Bonus offers

There is always some EZTrader Bonus to be had. Some of the most popular ones are as follows:

  • You can get EZTrader Bonus as soon as you open your account and make your first deposit.
  • At the moment, you can get an EZTrader Bonus of $100 if you deposit a minimum amount of $505.
  • With a deposit of $1750 or more, you get an EZTrader Bonus of $525.
  • EZTrader Bonus offer includes a 45% bonus on a deposit of $4000 which comes to $1800.
  • Different EZTrader Bonus has been offered from time to time. One of their past offers was 20% bonus on a cash deposit of $500.
  • There are a number of affiliate programs and independent review sites where you can get extra bonus with the help of EZTrader Bonus code. You will have to register through one of these websites and you are provided with a unique code. On submission of this code to EZTrader, there are different EZTrader Bonuses which you can obtain.

The above offers are liable to change from time to time, but you can be sure of one thing. There will always be some EZTrader Bonus offer which you can enjoy.

How to use EZTrader Bonus

Everyone loves a freebie and EZTrader Bonus is one of the best of its kind that you can get in the market. Here are a few tips and guidelines regarding EZTrader bonuses:

  • As soon as you open your account with EZTrader and perform your first log in operation, check for the EZTrader Bonus for which you are eligible. Mostly, these bonuses are given at the time of opening the account.
  • If you open an account via an affiliate site, you may be eligible for extra bonus. Read the site carefully and collect any bonus code. You will have to present this code to obtain the bonus.
  • The EZTrader Bonus will be credited to your account directly and it will appear in the statements by next day.
  • You must trade with double the total amount of deposit plus bonuses before you can withdraw the fund.
  • If you wish, you can choose not to take the bonus. This happens if you are in a hurry to withdraw your fund.

EZTrader Bonus makes binary option trading with this broker profitable and the returns are high.

EZTrader scam review


EZTrader is one of the regulated binary options brokers that does not stop at the provision of the binary options trading for it’s clients and continues to fool them. This binary options provider goes one step further in taking money from their clients and showing how real scam should work.

Min. Deposit: $100 Demo: No

Platform: EZTrader Bonus: 20%

Regulation: CySEC US Clients: No

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EZTrader Binary Options Broker Review: About The Company

The EZTrader is owned by the WGM. Services Ltd., which is based in the Nicosia, Cyprus. The company location directly brings the thought that it is regulated by the CySEC, which is confirmed by the certificates and the information on the website. Honest EZTrader review also found out that the WGM. Services Ltd. has a certificate of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This certificate together with the regulation are purposed to bring additional safety to your investments in the binary options but actually does not. The company started to fool its clients in the 2008 ,and as they say “Has never looked back”, which makes it one of the first binary options scams in the world.

Recently, the broker has signed up a contract with one of the football clubs from English Premier League – Everton Liverpool and we have no idea how is it possible for a scam.

EZTrader Scam Education Center

As was said in the beginning of the review, the broker offers a lot of educational tools, which are an important part of the binary options trading. The provided tools include:

  • Binary Options Glossary
    This part has all the definitions and explanations of the term used in the binary options trading.
  • eBooks
    Two free eBooks in the PDF format, one for the beginners and one for the advanced traders.
  • Financial calendar
    This section displays all the upcoming events that are considered as an important for the binary options traders. Also, it shows the time of market openings and closures, which is pretty similar to what the Forex calendar does.
  • Video courses
    All the basics of binary options and trading strategies which should help you in the beginning of the binary options trading career. It has been found by the Binary Options Hub, that provided courses include not just educational videos but also videos on binary options trading psychology.
  • Binary Options trading details
    This sections has all the details about the order creation, execution and all the other binary options stuff that you were curious about.
  • Trading strategies
    This section extends the video courses sections with a bunch of the strategies that can be used for the binary options trading. At the time of the honest EZTrader reviews, the section had more than 15 additional strategies, including strategies for risk management and market analysis.

Also, the BO Hub found the trading signals section at the brokers platform, but it provides only information on signals usage. There are no binary options trading signals provided by EZTrader, so you have to find them yourself, or trade by your own signals.

Binary Options Hub recommends you not to take any education from Scam Binary Options Broker ever!

EZtrader Accounts

The minimum deposit requirement of the EZtrader is $100, but if you ask their support – they will answer that it is $200. It is actually kind of staff that you would wait from unreliable brokerage.

Also, the EZTrader review found that there is only one account type available at the broker. Which is once again good for scams, since they are hungry for at least some money that you can bring to them.

EZTrader Trading Conditions

The EZTrader review has found out the four main types of binary options trading provided by broker:

  • Binary Option
    This is the basic trading type. You just have to predict whether the price will increase or decrease in 30 minutes and that is it. The average payout at this trading type is 72%.
  • 60 Seconds
    The 60 seconds trading type has the same rules as the binary option type, but the timeframe is different. EZTrader gives opportunity to trade on such short-term frames: 60 seconds, 90 seconds and 120 seconds. The EZTrader review found out that the average payout at this binary options trading type is 70%.
  • Daily/Weekly
    Such binary options trading type is based on the prediction of the price at the daily or weekly market closure. Predict the right movement and get the payout of 85% in the end of the day or on Friday evening.
  • Long Term
    This binary options trading type allows you to predict whether the price will be higher or lower than the execution price in the end of the month, in 3 month or in half a year. The higher the risk – higher the return is the rule, since the payouts at this trading type are higher than 160% and sometimes they even exceed 250%.

The EZTrader review found out that there is additional interesting feature of the binary options trading – sell option. This feature somehow is similar to the stop-loss feature of the Forex trading and allows you to sell binary options that you think were predicted incorrectly. The return on such trades depends on the price volatility and the amount of time left before the end of the binary option. But everything stated above is not really important, since you will get fooled and will never see your profits.

EZTrader Scam Trading Platform

The EZTrader has developed its own custom trading platform. The platform works from the web browser and does not require any additional file downloads. The platform looks different from the solutions provided by the SpotOption or Panda TS, and requires some adjustment if you have used different platform before.

The EZTrader platform allows you to open up to 4 trading instruments at the same time in a small mode. There is also possibility to zoom the instrument price graph and choose the timeframe between 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and 1 day.

The order execution process is easy, you just decide on the amount and click Call or Put button. The good thing is – you can see the payout in both percentage and amount right away.

EZTrader Scam Review of Deposit and Withdrawal Conditions

Being one of the scammest binary options brokers, EZTrader provides high variety of deposit and withdrawal options. You can deposit via credit cards, online payment systems and the wire transfer. As a usual policy of the binary options brokers – the wire transfer deposit requires contact with the support. The deposits via credit cards and online payments systems are instantaneous, and the wire transfer depo takes 5-7 days.

The withdrawal can be done via credit card or wire transfer. The bad thing is – withdrawals will not ever come to you. This is the price you pay for trading with unreliable brokerages.

EZTrader Support

The support of the EZtrader can be reached via email, phone or live chat. The support speaks English, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, French, Russian, Czech, Portuguese and Polish.

You have to remember, that in order to use live chat – you will have to register with this binary options broker scam. If you are just a website visitor, you will not be able to access this premium feature.

EZtrader Open Account Procedure

The EZtrader review found the registration process at the broker to be easy and straightforward.

In order to sign up you have to click on the sign up button at the home screen but we will not provide you with any link to that.

On the opened window you will have to type your details, including name, age, email, mobile phone and create a password. After agreeing with terms and conditions and clicking on the button – you will be directed to the deposit page.

You will also have to confirm your email and that is it – you are ready for the binary options trading.

EZTrader Scam Review Conclusion

The EZtrader is scam binary options broker with a long history of taking money from clients and never giving them back. The negative moments include withdrawal restrictions and the adjustment process that the trading platform requires as well as no confidence in broker. We proudly give this scam 1 star out of 5.


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    Best Binary Options Broker!
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