BinTrader – review and feedback on the trading platform of binary options

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BinTrader – review and feedback on the trading platform of binary options

вњ… This Trading Platform is available in Russia

Overview of prospective binary option brokers: BinTrader

Among the companies engaged in online trading, despite the high level of competition in this field of activity, it is difficult to choose a broker that will fully meet the needs of both beginners and experienced traders. Russian-speaking users of the World Wide Web are more difficult in this case than residents of European countries, Japan or the United States. The lack of economic education, poor knowledge of the English language, lack of financial resources (a few residents of Ukraine or Belarus will risk putting an unknown company on a deposit of $ 250) and a high level of mistrust of the most diverse Internet resources offering to make money on the global financial market.

Many experienced traders from the former Soviet republics recommend their fellow countrymen to start making money in foreign exchange markets, binary options, etc., using the services of brokers focused on the Russian-speaking audience. In this regard, BinTrader trading platform, which has been engaged in online trading since 2020, offers good conditions, but, despite a relatively short period of activity, managed to earn a reputation as a safe and reliable broker.

The main advantages of cooperation with BinTrader

The owner of the presented trading platform is the company Trade X Ltd, and its founders started their activity in the world financial market as ordinary traders, so they are well aware of the goals, needs and opportunities of their former colleagues. Given these nuances, a platform was created (by the company’s specialists), and then an application developed for BinTrader that allows financial transactions to be performed without fear of fraud on the part of the broker.


The funds of the broker’s clients are insured and stored on the accounts of reliable banks, which allows traders to withdraw their investments at any time. Technical support of the website and modern software guarantee the safety of personal information of users and prompt execution of financial transactions provided by this broker.

The minimum deposit and the size of the bet ($ 10 and $ 1, respectively) are convincing factors in order to independently check whether the given company fulfills its promises. If for many potential customers, 2-3 hundred dollars is a large enough amount that they do not trust an unfamiliar firm, then $ 10 is an acceptable option for starting work and getting closer to the broker presented.

But one of the most important indicators of the reliability of this company is the availability of a certificate issued by an organization that controls the activities of the trading platform – the Center for Regulation of Relations in Financial Markets. In case of any problems, the trader can apply to the regulator, who will necessarily check how the broker fulfills its obligations.

Learning newbies

One of the main creators of the trading platform in question (I. Orlov) made a lot of efforts to organize the work of a full-fledged training center on the basis of this web resource. Depending on the amount of the first deposit (based on this indicator the level of training is chosen), the client of the broker gets the opportunity to become a participant in the personal training program under the guidance of a professional analyst.

The user of the trading platform gets acquainted with effective trading strategies and, together with the mentor, analyzes their “pros” and “minuses”. A qualified specialist helps a trader deal with his own operations, revealing their strengths / weaknesses. The broker’s client also has the opportunity to contact his analyst at any time to ask him questions of interest.

The opportunity to undergo training and learn to work in the global financial market is another important indicator in favor of creating a login on BinTrader and using the services of professional teachers.

Important financial characteristics of BinTrader

Regardless of which trading platform the trader chooses, before registering on it, he must thoroughly study the basic requirements of the administration that has interested his website.

Trading conditions

Despite the fact that some of the indicators have already been mentioned above, for the convenience of readers, we will outline the main conditions of work on this trading platform in a separate unit:

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect Choice For Beginners and Middle-Level Traders!
    Free Demo Account! Free Education!

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в—Џ The minimum deposit is $ 10.

в—Џ The minimum transaction amount is $ 1.

в—Џ Account currency: American dollar.

в—Џ Estimated yield: up to 85%.

в—Џ Deposits of the broker’s clients are insured.

в—Џ There is an affiliate program.

в—Џ Bonus is provided when replenishing the trading account: up to 150%.

How to replenish the deposit or withdraw funds

Prepared by BinTrader user reviews, indicate that the broker’s web-resource is quite enough ways to solve the issue with the input / output of money. Traders can perform this procedure using:

в—Џ Debit / credit cards (Visa and Mastercard).

в—Џ Yandex money.

Available assets

Some of the reviews of its clients about the broker BinTrader report a small number of available financial transactions and instruments, which limits the opportunities for users of this trading platform. But on the other hand, every trader always has a choice, where to work for him and what deals to conclude.

Clients of the broker in question can use strategies posted on his site to earn binary options, as well as conclude deals on: currency pairs, commodities and shares of large enterprises.

Based on the above information, we can conclude that this broker is not some serious fraudulent scheme, but if potential users have doubts about this, they can invest $ 10 and independently check how this trading platform works.

Bintrader Review


Bintrader, young binary options Broker, successfully works under the slogan “to traders from traders”, which indicates its serious intentions in the trading market.


Broker Bintrader
Website URL
Founded 2020
Minimum 1st Deposit $10
Minimum Trade Amount $5
Maximum Trade Amount $1000
Payout Up to 85%
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Regulation FMRRC (RU 0395 AA Vv0102)
Account Types Demo, Mini, Standard, Profi
Deposit Methods VISA, MasterCard, QIWI Wallet, Yandex Money, Skrill, Webmoney
Withdrawal Methods VISA, MasterCard, QIWI Wallet, Yandex Money, Skrill, Webmoney
Trading Methods 60sec, 5min, 15min, 30min to 1 month
Number of Assets 90+
Option Types 60 sec, High/Low
Account Currency USD
US Traders Allowed
Mobile Trading
Overall Score 7.1/10

Full Review

Broker’s slogan – “to traders from traders” – indicates its serious intentions in the trading market, as well as the fact that its staff includes professionals who set the task of organizing a convenient and comfortable process of trading binary options. First of all, the company is pointed at the Russian audience, so all the materials of the website are presented in Russian that is convenient and reliable. In addition, the Broker successfully works with the largest CIS countries.

The staff of the company includes professional traders and analysts who are ready to help users of the platform in any matter. The Broker also has a convenient chat for traders in Telegram messenger. In March 2020, the company received the license of the Russian regulator, FMRRC, which also increases the level of confidence to it.

Convenient and functional trading platform is a proprietary development of the Broker, suitable for Traders of any level and positively evaluated in the reviews of Traders. It is worth noting fairly the fact that the development of the trading platform is a serious step that requires a lot of money, and usually, fly-by-nighter Brokers do not have and do not spend a lot of money to the serious development of the functionality.

It could be confidently set that Bintrader trading terminal is a worthy and high-quality product offering great opportunities for options trading, and it can be trusted. Website is available in popular browsers and devices (PC, PADs), works quickly and without failures. The terminal is very simple and even a novice Trader who has no experience of trading options can understand it. Among its advantages: the ability to change the background of the workspace (light or dark) for convenience, change the type of chart, subscription to free trading signals, the presence of demo account (with $1000 in the account), a convenient choice of expiration, assets, profitable Trading Strategies (TS “Reversal Point”, TS “Flat Breakdown “, etc.), analysts data, etc.

You can also take an advantage of Deposit Insurance, which allows you to return up to 45% of the amount in case of losing trades. This convenient function is a guarantee of safety of money on the account with the ability to continue trading, which positively characterizes the Broker. Elaborated and high-quality skill-training program for trader, created by professional market players, is another significant advantage that distinguishes the Broker among other trading companies.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

Bintrader provides enhanced capabilities for deposit/ withdrawal operations. In order to deposit the account, you need to create an account, deposit by choosing a convenient way to transfer money (Minimum Deposit — $10). To deposit, the Trader can use the advanced list of modern payment systems – from the usual Bank cards to e-wallets:

The account could be opened only in US dollars. Money is available for trading immediately after the payment. Cash-out is possible only for authorized and certified Traders, taking no more than 24 hours, which is very convenient. As it is mentioned in Bintrader Broker reviews, there are some problems with deposit / withdrawal operations. In this case we recommend you to clarify the particular features of the terminal from a Personal Account Manager and complete the full verification of the account.

Complaints against Bintrader

Despite the fact that Bintrader Broker is very young, reviews about it are already online and differ in their diversity. On the one hand, Traders mention about the convenience of working with Bintrader, fulfilment of its obligations by transferring money in a timely manner, and that the terminal operates at a high level. There are also negative reviews regarding the terms of bonuses, account verification.

To avoid problems with Broker, ask your Personal Manager about the conditions of account verification, rules for using bonuses and features of withdrawal. The Broker has yet to find and conquer its audience, which means that there will be more reviews about it and it is too early to draw conclusions about it.

A well-designed functional trading terminal, convenient ways of withdrawal operations, professional support, bonuses and funds insurance — the company provides really good opportunities for Traders, so it is worth trying trading with it.

If we find complaints about Bintrader, we will post it on social media. Follow us to be well informed:

Bintrader: a Scam?

Despite the fact that the broker is one of the youngest in the binary options market, it has yet to show its capabilities in trading. And yet, the network already has different reviews about the company, but most of them are positive, which indicates the trust to Bintrader.

One of the important factors of the positive Broker’s image is the presence of its own trading platform, this indicates its serious intentions, because it is an impressive investment that is not available to fly-by-nighter Brokers. A significant advantage – the presence of bonuses, round — the-clock support, the opportunity to receive professional training with analysts – all this speaks of a deliberate policy of working with the client.
Bintrader certification is also a significant step towards trust of the user. Should Bintrader be considered a Scam? At this stage of the company’s development, it is too early to draw such conclusions, but you can protect yourself by working properly with your personal Manager.

Broker’s Regulator

The activity of this Broker is extremely transparent; in Russia it is regulated by the FMRRC (certificate issued by the Center for Regulation of Relations in the Financial Markets). Not all Brokers have such certification. The regulator, which issued the license, also controls the work of a special fund, which compensates the losses of Broker’s Clients. Thus, the FMRRC certificate minimizes the risks of Traders, guarantees the reliability and safety of trade.

Bintrader Bonuses

Each Broker’s Trader could receive bonuses of 2 types:

1) Percentage to the account. The amount of such bonus can reach up to 150% (depending on the amount on the deposit). This is the money that is available on the trading account, they can be traded. In future the bonus should be worked out. Conditions of the bonus work-off should be specified by Personal Manager.

2) Insurance up to 100 transactions. You can make up to 100 trades with the ability to recover up to 40% of the lost amount in case of loss. The essence of the bonus is that if your transaction is closed at a loss, you could return up to 45% to the account.


Bintrader, binary options trading Broker, despite being a young company, has a good chance of getting high ratings among trading professionals. Already now the company has positive reviews about bonuses and its trading terminal, which speaks volumes about that the company is on the right path of development. The unique functions of the terminal, the thought-over training program, favorable bonuses – all these positively characterize the company, testifying to successful start and correctly chosen area of development.

And yet, the company has negative reviews, which lead to the conclusion that the Trader needs to study carefully the conditions of working with the company. Let’s hope that the Broker pays attention to feedback from its users and intends to develop further, keeping the pace of its successful start. It is also fair to note that Bintrader has not yet managed to prove itself, and it is quite early to evaluate it as a reliable or fraudulent company. However, the reviews of Traders that we are waiting for under this digest, can not only affect the Broker’s ratings, but also warn about possible problems.

Binarium – review and feedback on the binary options broker

вњ… This Trading Platform is available in United States

Binarium: Review of prospective binary options brokers

Many analysts, economists and other specialists who study the global financial market say that today, on the Internet or print media, it is almost impossible to find a broker with an impeccable business reputation. In the World Wide Web, on request about the activities of the company providing online trading services, on the first pages of any search engine there will necessarily be websites claiming that they are scammers, “one-day” companies, scammers, etc. Of course, we are talking about well-known and promising brokers , capable of satisfying the demands of professional traders who operate with huge amounts.

If you perceive such information as 100% truth, then it turns out that all operations with binary options, stock or currency markets are ordinary financial pyramids or other fraudulent schemes. Of course, this can not be. In most cases, negative feedback, articles, “black lists” are custom content of competitors, which can not be considered as a key factor in deciding whether to register on this trading platform. But on the other hand, among these accusations there are necessarily real user reviews that can help other novice traders save their savings. What to do in such situations?

Best of all, independently examine the main indicators and results of the broker’s activity, find objective reviews about it, make a list of negative and positive characteristics, and then highlight all the important parameters of the trading platform, taking into account these sources of information. As an example, you can use the trading platform Binarium, with a huge amount of both negative and positive feedback on the network.

Binarium: overview of the main advantages / disadvantages of the company

The presented trading platform was founded in 2020 and deservedly considered to be one of the best in the entire post-Soviet space. This company, from the first days of its existence, monitors changes in user interests and the development of the financial services market. The application created for Binarium and the continuous improvement of the company’s web resource allow it to occupy one of the leading positions among the multilingual brokers.


Today, it is difficult to find a person who can entrust a large amount of money to an unknown company for conducting commercial operations if he is not provided with guarantees of meeting his obligations. But, the broker under consideration, for five years of work in the financial market has managed to win the trust of traders and other subjects of the market of trading assets. This was facilitated not only by the timely implementation of agreements, but also by factors such as:

в—Џ A unique proprietary platform developed by the company’s specialists.

в—Џ Availability of training materials.

в—Џ A large number of assets.

в—Џ Lack of verification.

в—Џ Insurance of transactions and a small minimum deposit amount.

The use of the ssl-certificate is practically a 100% guarantee for the safety of the personal data and financial assets of the broker’s clients. In case of any unforeseen situations, customers can contact the support service, which works around the clock, without days off. For these purposes there are: online chat on the site, e-mail, telephone and skype.

By creating a login on Binarium, you can not be afraid of illegal actions of the broker, whose activities are controlled by: the Center for Regulation of Financial Market Relations and the Cyprus CySec regulator.

Education of users on the trading platform

The company in question pays much attention to training its customers. On the web resource, you can find a special course for beginners that will help you understand what the financial market, binary options, trading tools, etc. The resource administration recommends that novice platform users watch educational video lessons, and trained trading strategies will become irreplaceable assistants to study various options for profit, working on the company’s website.

What should a newbie trader know about Binarium

After registration and training, you can test your capabilities (without risking your own capital), using the demo account prepared for Binarium. But at this training beginner does not end, he needs to carefully examine all the requirements, transaction conditions, financial issues and other requirements of the company, in order to avoid possible misunderstandings in the process of work.

Trading account

The following types of accounts are provided on the company’s website:

в—Џ Basic. Deposit 5 dollars, withdrawal of money within 5 days.

в—Џ Premium. Deposit 500 $, withdrawal of money – 3 days. There are: account management, individual training and a personal trader, as well as trading signals.

в—Џ Business. A deposit of 2 thousand dollars, withdrawal of money is carried out within 1 day. To the above advantages it is necessary to add the analysis of the market from a personal trader (2 times a month), joint trade (2 weeks), and the development of personal strategies and trade plans.

в—Џ VIP. The minimum deposit is from 10 thousand dollars, the withdrawal of money is carried out at the first request of the client, and to all advantages of the “Business” account it is necessary to add that, for VIP clients, joint trade takes 4 weeks, and the market analysis – 2 times a week.

Almost all the reviews prepared for Binarium contain the following information about the accounts of the company’s traders:

в—Џ The minimum deposit is 5 dollars / euro.

в—Џ The rate is 1 dollar.

в—Џ Income of options from 85% to 93%.

в—Џ There are bonuses and other methods for encouraging active traders.

Deposit / withdrawal of funds

Many users of the system who posted on the Internet prepared about Binarium reviews, claim that they never had problems with replenishment of account or withdrawal of money.

For these purposes it is best to count on:

в—Џ Debit / credit cards (Visa or MasterCard).

в—Џ Yandex money.

Trading assets

A trader who registered an account on the site, can enter into transactions:

в—Џ By binary options

в—Џ Currency pairs.

в—Џ Goods and indexes.

If after studying this article, you still have doubts about this broker, you can create an account at any time and check how the presented platform works.

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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect Choice For Beginners and Middle-Level Traders!
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