BinaryOnline Is a Customer Oriented Broker with a Superb Trading Platform

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Customer Support

Options Choice

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Innovative trading platform
  • Excellent choice of accounts
  • Rich educational resources
  • Good choice of bonuses
  • Unregulated broker
  • Too few ways of deposit/withdraw

BinaryOnline is a customer oriented broker with a superb trading platform

As the company offers basic welcome bonus and a risk free trade we gave it 75/100. The platform is hosted by Panda Trading software and the company has made the best of it for their customers which earned them 85/100. Dedication and care for their customers earned BinaryOnline 90/100 and a number of assets within the middle range of the industry scored them 80/100.


With hundreds of brokers coming to the party in the relatively new binary options market, and regulation at its early stages of being implemented, it is not an easy option to choose a reliable broker. There are a few and for every one of them you have ten more scammy ones. There are things that have to be taken into account when you try to figure out whether to open a live account with a broker or not and we are going to look through them while doing our thorough review of BinaryOnline binary options broker.

Company information

BinaryOnline is a company that was established in 2020, by a number of industry professionals, who wanted to offer the investment community a better choice of trading instruments in the binary options arena. It is situated in Sofia, Bulgaria and at the moment is not regulated by any financial authority. They use the Panda Trading platform and provide most categories of assets in the industry. Despite being unregulated for the time being, it takes a very serious approach to the safety of clients’ funds and avoids any shady dealings in their transactions.

Assets available

In terms of assets, the broker can offer a wide choice of instruments for their customers. They have 10 classes of assets (with over 200 instruments) that you can choose from and trade. They are:

  1. Classic Binary Options
  2. FX/CFD
  3. Ladder
  4. Limits
  5. Long Term
  6. One Touch
  7. Option Builder
  8. Pairs
  9. TradeReplica
  10. 60 Seconds

Each specific product has specific requirements to trade that include: minimum investment, maximum investment, minimum and maximum expiry times, number of instruments that can be traded (Commodities, currencies…) and potential payout.

An asset that is worth mentioning is TradeReplica. This asset allows you to copy a specific successful trader from the list on their trading platform and copy all open and future trades that they have or are going to make. This is part of social investing and basically you leave all market analysis and decision making for those traders you copy. So, you can pick the best trader form the list and start replicating his success. Of course, you can stop copying any time you want. You are always firmly in charge!

Bonuses & VIP programs

BinaryOnline offer some bonuses that depend on the type of account you open. Every investor who opens an account with the broker will get a bonus of a certain percentage of deposit that is made; depending on the type of account (out of 4 possible) a trader opens. Bonuses have to be traded 30 times before you can withdraw them and profit from it. There are terms and conditions for bonuses and you can read about them on the broker’s website.

The company has 4 types of accounts to choose from: Takeoff, Standard, Premium and Elite.


Takeoff is the basic one and the depositing amount for the account has to be within the range of $250-2499. You will also get up to 25% bonus of your deposit amount.


Standard is the next step and the depositing amount for the account has to be within the range of $2500-9999. You will also get up to 50% bonus of your deposit amount. You will get a personal trading Advisor and 2 weeks of trading signals for free.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect Choice For Beginners and Middle-Level Traders!
    Free Demo Account! Free Education!

  • Binomo

    Honest broker!


Premium account is a special one as the range of deposit is between $10000-49999. Your welcome bonus will be up to 75% of your deposit amount and 3 weeks of trading signals for free.


The Elite account does not have description onsite, which is a bit disappointing. You have to contact the staff over email or telephone to discuss specific details for opening this kind of account, but the company also promises that this account has most perks and most powerful opportunities. Perhaps the terms are negotiable?

Fees, Payouts and Trading Features

As with most other brokers BinaryOnline does not charge any fees or commissions. The minimum deposit is $250 for a Takeoff account Minimum trade amounts differ depending on the type of options you trade. For example, for 60 seconds options in indices and commodities, minimum trade size is $5, but for currencies, it is $10.

The maximum amount again differs depending on the instruments you trade, but the maximum amount is capped at $5000 or other currency that the company allows you to operate with. Payouts also differ on the type of account you trade, instruments and expiry timings, but the maximum payout seems to be 85%, which is slightly below industry maximum of 95%.

Trading Platforms

The broker uses Panda Trading platform as their basis and we are impressed to see what they have done with it. It is easy to use; all ten assets can be seen on the same window. You can clearly see all the price graphs, technical features you can use at any time and the process of placing trades is extremely easy. Technical indicators are also there, so you can do some analysis before placing a trade. Each asset has special platform features too. You can do rollover, double up or sell.

Rollover can be used when you do not want to lock in profits or losses at the indicated time, so you can prolong the process and push the expiry date forward. It is useful when you are sure the trade will end in a loss, so you can try to wait till it turns around and shows profit.

Double up is useful when you have a profitable trade that is sure to stay that way. Then you can double your position and reap double profits.

Sell function enables you to sell your position earlier before expiry time. It may be done to realize smaller profits or for any other reason you want to close your trade earlier.

The trading platform can be used as a desktop version or as a mobile app, whichever you prefer more.


It does not matter where you are, you can trade binary options with BinaryOnline by means of their mobile platform. Wherever you are, you can open their mobile platform and open a trade on the asset of your choice. It is convenient, safe and all of your data remains confidential. All the functions which are available on the web platform, such as: Deposits, withdrawals, trading, contacting customer service, studying educational materials are all there. You can go to Google Play website to download their app for free.

Deposits and withdrawals

The methods you can deposit and withdraw money on your account with the broker are not very rich. Currently, they offer you a transfer either by credit/debit card or by Bank transfer. You might miss other payment methods, but don’t forget that they are still new players in town, so other methods will be introduced later.

Credit/debit card transfers are instantaneous and are immediately available in your trading account, while a Bank transfer may take up 4-5 business days before money is available for trading and when the transfer occurs, the company guarantees that the funds are secure in a number of ways. This can be found by contacting their compliance team. After that you will have to present the following documents: a proof of address, a proof of payment, an investment testimony form that you will have to fill in before the transfer and a proof of identity. Without those documents you won’t be allowed to start trading. So, the company takes compliance procedures seriously and does its best to protect its name as a reliable entity.

Customer support

This is the field that the company can really be proud of. Their professional customer support team is available for you 24/7 and you can contact any time of day by email, phone or live chat. Whichever method you decide to use a live person will reply to your email, call or live chat. They are well trained and will be able to answer any question connected to trading, platform or opening your account.

Extra features and resources

BinaryOnline has a lot of extra resources, most of which are educational in nature. They have set a task to inform traders on every possible aspect of trading and therefore created a special section “Success centre” for any level trader: beginner, intermediate and advanced. There, you can find videos that introduce you to the world of binary options, explain various aspects of trading psychology and teach you about risk management. Intermediate traders will get more sophisticated materials and advanced traders the most advanced trading techniques and ways to analyze various segments of financial markets. You will also get access to tons of various ebooks, webinars and a library where you can search yourself and find any topic you want to familiarize yourself with.


Despite the fact that BinaryOnline is a new broker in the industry, we have not found anything to indicate that they are a scam broker. They seem to follow regulatory rules of most trusted regulators, comply to anti money laundering laws, keep their clients’ funds safe in a number of ways and provide excellent services by means of innovative trading platform, educational materials and unparalleled customer service. We would recommend their services to any trader.

Where can I view my Transactions History?

For a complete list of your transactions with BinaryOnline and a history of your deposits and withdrawals, log into your account and click on “My Account”. Then, locate “Banking History”. This is a comprehensive section which has all the information you need.

Is there a registration fee to join BinaryOnline?

Registration with BinaryOnline is completely free and there is no hidden fees. However, to activate your account for trading, you need to fund it with the minimum amount of 250 USD/EUR/GBP or the equivalent in your local currency.

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount you can withdraw from your BinaryOnline account is 100 USD, EUR or GBP or the equivalent in your local currency.

Is my account secure?

All funds deposited by traders on their account are held separately in segregated accounts, which are used for trading purposes only. This means that the funds are safeguarded from any and all crisis. BinaryOnline also strictly adheres to KYC and AML procedures to fight fraudulent financial activities and account fraud.

BinaryOnline Trading Platform

BinaryOnline Trading Platform

BinaryOnline is one of the most recent additions to the binary options industry, so naturally we had to examine what they have to offer. Founded earlier this year in Bulgaria, the company is very proud of their trading platform, bonuses, account types and (especially) education. We will be taking a look at the first thing from that list in this article, as we want to see for ourselves which features BinaryOnline trading platform has to offer. Our team of trusted trading experts is on the job, so you can once again expect a pretty thorough analysis. It will be very interesting to see what this newcomer has in its arsenal, so stay with us and read on!

BinaryOnline Trading Platform | Possibilities

BinaryOnline trading platform at the moment offers more than 100 assets, which is a pretty impressive number for a new broker. These assets are divided into stocks, currencies, commodities and indices, so you can easily choose what suits you best and start trading with only a few clicks. At the moment, the most numerous assets are currencies, but there are some interesting stocks on the platform, as well. Furthermore, profit of up to 85% should satisfy just about every trader. As for the trading modes, BinaryOnline trading platform offers the usual binary investments, long term trading, One touch, Ladder, forex trading, 60 seconds and more. This last mode has several different options within itself: you can set your expiry time to anywhere between 60 seconds and 5 minutes. Therefore, if you want fast trading, this is the platform for you. Just make a BinaryOnline Minimum Deposit and you’ll be all set.

BinaryOnline Trading Platform

BinaryOnline Trading Platform | Software

BinaryOnline trading platform is powered by SpotOption software, which is well known to all traders in this industry as one of the best platforms in the world. We are very pleased to report that absolutely no problems occurred while we were trading here. Quite the contrary, the prices were regularly updated and always correct, which is only one of the reasons why we answered the question “Is BinaryOnline a Scam?” negatively. Furthermore, this software allows for some special features to be implemented into the platform, such as the Builder mode and the latest addition to this broker’s offer, the Limits mode. All in all, everything runs very smoothly and we enjoyed our trading experience very much, which is quite a success for a new company on the market. We expect them to become even better in the future.

BinaryOnline Social Trading

BinaryOnline Trading Platform | Conclusion

In the end, we can say only positive things about BinaryOnline trading platform. There are more than enough assets to choose from, plenty of different trading modes and everything is based on a very reliable trading software brand. The prices are updated regularly and are always correct, so we really see no reasons to complain. For a new broker, BinaryOnline has done a great job of making sure their clients enjoy their trading experience and there is nothing else left for us to do but to recommend this broker wholeheartedly. Open an account here, you won’t be sorry.

Обзор брокера бинарных опционов BinaryOnline

Электронные кошельки – 0-24 часа

Банковский карточки – 0-24 часа

Банковский перевод – 3-7дней

$5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $250, $500

Обзор BinaryOnline от робота Аби

Создание BinaryOnline было обречено на успех, так как у истоков этой платформы стояли профессионалы, за плечами которых был большой опыт работы с бинарными опционами. Несмотря на небольшой возраст, BinaryOnline успели очень громко заявить о себе, благодаря своим новаторским идеям и филигранной точности программного обеспечения. К моментам, которые позволяют мне выделить брокера из ряда других, можно отнести особенности составления платформы и некоторые специальные функции.

Пара слов о торговой платформе BinaryOnline

Торговая платформа явно была создана с целью предоставления максимального простора для работы трейдеров. Сразу чувствуется рука профессионала. Каждый элемент буквально доведен до совершенства. Дополнительно, создатели позаботились о том, чтобы у каждого трейдера была возможность выбрать вариант работы по душе. Так, на платформе можно работать по следующим видам опционов:

– Классические опционы Call /Put.

Следует отметить, что для каждого вида опционов подразумеваются свои промежутки экспирации, а также уровень составления процента выплат. Среди активов, которые могут быть использованы в торговле:

Работа происходит через анализ выводимых в окно терминала сигналов. Для дополнительной поддержки принятия решения, в интерфейсе добавлена возможность видеть направление работы большинства трейдеров. Благодаря этой функции вы всегда сможете быть в тренде. Также на экране выводятся наиболее любопытные сделки и профиты, полученные трейдерами за последнее время. Это является отличной мотивацией, а также подсказкой для направления дальнейшей работы.

Примечательно, что количество сделок является неограниченным. Это означает, что вы получаете возможность повторять сделки за трейдерами в режиме нон-стоп и постоянно получать профит. Хотя работа при помощи BinaryOnline является максимально простой и понятной, брокер все же не рекомендует начинать работать без соответствующей подготовки. Понимание основ рынка, а также возможность поделиться своими знаниями с начинающими трейдерами – это отличная возможность получить специальный приз, который BinaryOnline разыгрывает среди своих лучших авторов.

Работа с BinaryOnline доступна с экрана вашего гаджета. Это означает, что теперь работа с бинарными опционами стала мобильной и совершенно необязательно постоянно находиться за компьютером. Нам, роботам этого не понять, но для людей, думаю, это просто отлично! Кроме того, в скором времени будут анонсированы специальные приложения, которые можно будет скачать на официальных сервисах Android и Apple.

Счета брокера BinaryOnline

Для того, чтобы работа была максимально корректно сопровождена всеми необходимыми требованиями, процесс создания счетов был разделен на 4 категории. Так, брокер предлагает открытие следующих счетов:

Для того чтобы получить максимальный уровень – Элитный счет, трейдеру будет необходимо создать пополнение баланса на сумму от 50 тысяч долларов. Дополнительно трейдер получит индивидуальный подход и полную поддержку технической составляющей работы. Узнать о дополнительных бонусах можно в службе поддержки. Для начала карьеры с самого доступного счета – со стартового, потребуется депозит в размере 250 долларов. Для стандартного – 2500 долларов и для премиум – 10 тысяч. В зависимости от выбранного аккаунта, меняется сумма бонусов. К примеру, на стартовом аккаунте трейдер сможет рассчитывать на 25% бонуса от суммы пополнения. Процент может достигать 75 (дается при пополнении от 10 тысяч долларов).

В дополнение, чем выше аккаунт, тем больше доступа к учебным материалам и прочей важной информации.

При открытии стандартного депозита, трейдер получает гарантированные 2 недели подписки на сигналы от аналитиков брокера.

С какими активами можно работать

Всего к услугам трейдеров предлагается более 70 различных активов. Общее число включает в себя валюту, акции, сырье и даже индексы. Широкий выбор позволяет выбрать подходящий, способный принести максимум прибыли в конкретных условиях.

Пара слов о правилах и технике безопасности

Брокер BinaryOnline действительно высоко ценит безопасность своих трейдеров, и главным доказательством этого служит мощная система шифрования данных. Вся информация, которая обрабатывается серверами брокера, строго кодируется для невозможности обличения реальных данных. Так, даже в случае перехвата информации, злоумышленник не сможет получить шифр. Все сигналы также защищены строгим контролем безопасности для того, чтобы трейдеры могли быть уверены в их достоверности и своевременности. Дополнительные меры были приняты ко всем финансовым операциям, которые проводятся через внутренние сервисы BinaryOnline. Совокупность принятых мер позволяет заявить о том, что брокер является одним из самых защищенных, среди популярных аналогов.

Поддержка пользователей

У брокера работает система поддержки, которая готова прийти каждому на помощь 24/7. Благодаря ее работе между трейдерами и брокером выстраиваются действительно доверительные отношения. Любой пользователь в любой момент может обратиться за разъяснением своих вопросов. Ответ будет получен им незамедлительно.

Отзыв на BinaryOnline

Полный анализ всех составляющих работы брокера показал, что в деятельности компании нет никаких подводных камней, которые могли бы родить сомнения. Каждый шаг является строго регламентированным. Из плюсов можно выделить:

– отличную торговую платформу с современным интерфейсом;

– возможность подбора торгового счета;

– качественный сервис поддержки клиентов;

– возможность работы через мобильный гаджет;

– возможность заработка через копирование сделок других трейдеров.

– ограниченное количество активов;

– отсутствие возможности регулирования отображения терминала под себя.

Вывод: стоит ли начинать работать с BinaryOnline

В целом, нет ни одного пункта, который позволил бы назвать брокера BinaryOnline не достойным внимания. Его возможности позволяют трейдерам сосредоточиться на конкретном направлении и работать без каких-либо негативных моментов. Дальнейшие планы развития говорят о том, что брокер стремится к развитию, а это значит, что дальше будет еще лучше. В общем, я, Аби, рекомендую BinaryOnline для вас.

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Название BinaryOnline
Год основания 2020
Официальный сайт
Юрисдикция Болгария
Владелец Zola LTD
Минимальный депозит 250$
Минимальная сделка 5$
Процент доходности до 85%
Тип платформы Spot Option
Валюта счёта USD, EUR, GBP
Язык интерфейса Английский, Русский, Арабский
Демо счёт Да
Торговые сигналы Да
Мобильная версия Да
Ввод и Вывод средств Credit/Debit Cards, Skrill, Neteller, банковский перевод
Сроки вывода прибыли
Верификация Да (Инструкция по верификации >>>)
Бонусы до 75%
Дополнительные услуги Электронная книга, видео уроки, аналитика, торговые сигналы, обучающие статьи и курсы
Время экспирации 60-90 секунд, 2-3-5 минут
Суммы инвестиций